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PuriPool™ Water Filtration

Custom Deck Jet Swimming Pool with Blue Lighting

By Clarity Pool Service – Las Vegas, Nevada

The Problem:

Typically in Las Vegas, residential pools are drained and refilled every 3-5 years. There is only ONE reason why this is needed – buildup of dissolved solids in the water which cannot be cleaned with standard pool filtration. Calcium levels lead to mineral scale formations on pool tile, plaster, and equipment. Higher cyanuric acid levels prevent chlorine from effectively doing its job. As a result, high dissolved levels lead to more algae growth, cloudier water, higher demand for chemicals, damage to pool surface and equipment, and even skin discomfort when swimming.

The Solution:

With the PuriPool™ water filtration process, it is possible to remove dissolved solids without having to drain your pool! Most residential pools can be treated from start to finish in a single day. PuriPool™ filtration is especially beneficial for older pools or anyone concerned about potential damage to their pool surface. PuriPool™ is a good choice for time-conscious customers and people who demand the highest quality water. Also for people trying to make an environmentally friendly choice. When compared to a drain and refill, there is no question that PuriPool™ gives you cleaner water in less time.

The Curse of White Mineral Rings

No one likes the look of that ugly white ring on their pool tile. PuriPool treatment will help keep mineral levels under control in your pool. When combined with an understanding of pool water chemistry you could be well on your way to slowing future scale buildup in your pool. It takes work, but it is possible, and Clarity Pool Service in Las Vegas can show you how!

What about plaster and tile cleaning?

Just because we are not draining your pool doesn’t mean that you can’t still have the maintenance performed that typically accompanies a pool water drain. Tile bead blasting is the process of removing scale buildup from your pool tile. Clarity Pool Service can bead blast your pool tile by lowering the water level slightly, while the water goes through our filtration system. That means you’ll have nice clean pool tile AND fewer minerals in your pool water. When followed up with regular PuriPool treatments and proper water chemistry, you may never need another bead blast again!

Acid washing is also a standard procedure done after a pool is drained. It is done to help reduce the appearance of stains on plaster. Because of the PuriPool process, it is now possible to acid wash your pool with the water still in it! Debris and cleaners used during the process are removed by our system, leaving your pool with a brighter surface and cleaner water.

Small/Medium Commercial Pools

Commercial pools are subject to far stricter guidelines than residential pools. Health department oversight and inspections help ensure public health and safety. They require commercial facilities to meet specific guidelines concerning water quality. As a result, commercial pools are typically drained and refilled annually. Think about how many commercial pools there are in Las Vegas. Now imagine ALL of that pool water that is wasted every single year! From a property management perspective, it is something that is required. Imagine how long it takes to refill that water and the downtime when the pool is unavailable for use.

Our PuriPool process is an excellent match for commercial solutions. Not only because of the tremendous water savings it offers, but because it does not result in an interruption of service. Additionally, as with any pool, our process also avoids exposing the pool surface, thus eliminating the risk of unnecessary damage.

Commercial pool operators will also notice that pool water is easier to balance and requires fewer chemicals. This results in financial savings for the facility, and cleaner, more enjoyable water for patrons. It’s a win-win situation!

Large Commercial Pools

For large or high use commercial facilities, we also offer permanent installations of our system. Our system ensures that your water is always the cleanest it can be. Contact us for details and to discuss your specific needs.

In Summary:

With regular use, your pool water accumulates particles that are so small they cannot be filtered or removed. These are called dissolved solids. Dissolved solids can include dirt, bacteria, calcium, other mineral hardness, residual chemicals, as well as human by-products. As more of the solids build up in your water, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain water chemistry. It is difficult to keep pool water clear and to keep algae under control. In turn, you need to use an increased amount of chemicals, which results in higher maintenance costs. It also increases the number of dissolved solids in your pool water. Eventually, the water reaches a point where it is too difficult to maintain and has to be drained and replaced. In commercial and public pools, health codes have specified maximum tolerable levels before a pool is forced to close.

PuriPool™ Solution

The PuriPool process is a custom designed solution specific for pools. It is the only way to remove dissolved solids from your water without draining. There is no need to waste tens of thousands of gallons of water draining your pool to refill it again with tap water. In many cases, we can purify your pool water to a higher quality than the fresh water coming from your hose!

PuriPool not only saves you the expense of renting a pump to drain your pool and the cost of water to refill, but it also reduces the number of chemicals required to maintain your pool, which reduces your maintenance costs. Add that to the fact that you are providing the cleanest water possible for you and your family while at the same time making an environmentally friendly choice!

Call Clarity Pool Service at (702) 839-9265 to schedule your PuriPool water treatment today!

Don’t Wait Until Summer for New Pool Construction

Infinity Edge Custom Swimming Pool Design Idea - Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada

Custom Swimming Pool Design & Construction Services of Southern Nevada - Clarity Pool Service

We’re closer to Summer than you think! Let Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada build the pool you’ve always imagined having or if you already own your dream pool, let us clean & maintain your existing one.
We specialize in a range of fantastic swimming pool services. We’re Southern Nevada’s source for the PuriPool reverse-osmosis water treatment, swimming pool bead blasting, regularly scheduled maintenance, pool renovation, and so much more. We can’t stress this enough that if you’ve decided to build a custom swimming pool this summer, don’t wait until March to start the custom pool building process. That is if you planned on using your new pool during the excruciatingly hot Summer season here in the Valley. Just like any major construction or renovation that gets done to your residential home, the process takes time. Plus, we design & build amazingly awesome custom swimming pools, perfection takes time (lol). Give Clarity Pool Service a call today for all your swimming pool design, contracting, cleaning, water treatment and regularly scheduled maintenance. Visit our “New Swimming Pool Design & Construction” page for additional details about the Clarity Pool Service construction process.

If you’re interested in exploring some traditional swimming pool shapes you can also view our swimming pool shape designs here.

We’re Not Quite Ready to Start the Swimming Pool Design & Construction Process

No problem! Unlike many companies on the market today, we’re not interested in rushing our clientele to build a swimming pool. We’re interested in designing and constructing the custom swimming pool you’ve always imagined. If you’re still exploring your options, let us help you with an overview of the process that will occur during the design and construction. We’re also developing our online pool building resources that showcase sample tile, concrete, natural stone, equipment and many other choices you’ll have when designing a custom swimming pool with Clarity.

If you haven’t scheduled an on-site swimming pool design consultation for your residential or commercial property, give Clarity Pool Service a call today. You can also schedule a consult via the web form included on this page below.


Schedule a Swimming Pool Service Consultation with Clarity!

Whether you're exploring the idea of building a custom swimming pool, or you would like us to maintain your existing one. Clarity Pool Services has you covered! We specialize in custom pool design & construction as well as every maintenance service in between, and after pool construction. We're avid supporters of being water smart here in the Las Vegas, Valley, offering "no-drain" eco-friendly water treatments that restore the quality of your swimming pool water without having to drain, refill, and re-introduce traditional pool treatment chemicals. We have a better solution known as the PuriPool Water Treatment Process. We also offer pool restoration and our bead blasting service that will eliminate unsightly calcium scale and other hard water remnants. Schedule a consultation today with Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada!

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Clarity Pool Service - Water Treatment & Regular Maintenance Service of Las Vegas, Nevada
Clarity Pool Service – Water Treatment & Regular Maintenance Service of Las Vegas, Nevada

Regular Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Owning a swimming pool means that you have to be responsible for its ongoing maintenance and regular cleanings. We understand that a healthy pool (accurate chemical levels) can extend the longevity of the materials used in the swimming pool construction process. You work hard for your money, and when you invest in a custom swimming pool addition, just like any investment, you aim to protect it. Keep your residential or commercial swimming pool investment safe with regularly scheduled pool maintenance, bead blasting, and our water treatment service that’s designed to renew your water rather than waste it.

Yes, you heard correctly, we said renew your swimming pool water, rather than drain it. Just because you own a swimming pool, it doesn’t mean you don’t care about water conservation. Right? Now, you can renew your pool water instead of draining it. At Clarity Pool Service, we are well aware of the water shortages we experience here in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Our PuriPool reverse osmosis water treatment is your “green” solution. That’s why we offer a service that helps you clean your pool and stay “water smart.” Our PuriPool process is specifically designed for pools and is the ONLY way to remove dissolved solids from your water without draining the old water. Renew your water with a Clarity Pool Service PuriPool water treatment. Your pool water will be clean enough to drink. But we don’t recommend it, especially if you had our kids over to swim. Let Clarity maintain your pool and the water in it by calling to schedule a consultation. With Clarity Pool Service, we’ll protect your residential investment while making sure your swimming pool is ready to be used at a moments notice.

About Our Services in Nevada

Clarity Pool Service Pool Bead Blasting - Decalcify and Remove Hard Water Deposits with our Pool Bead Blasting Service

about our services

In southern Nevada, Clarity Pool Service helps our clients enjoy their swimming pool 365 days a year. Our options range from custom swimming pool design & construction, pool repairs, pool renovations, and remodeling, to scheduled swimming pool maintenance & cleaning. Our work philosophy enables our customers to take advantage of all the benefits & enjoyment of owning a swimming pool.  With Clarity Pools, there is no need to spend a large portion of their time cleaning and maintaining your pool. We offer superior quality pool cleaning, maintenance, and water treatment services at the most competitive rates in town.

With years of experience building everything from infinity edge swimming pools to community plunge pools, we have a proven formula for success.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable swimming pool service provider, give us a call today! We’ve recently relaunched our brand new website. Visit our official homepage to learn more about our premium swimming pool contracting.

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