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Transparent Acrylic Swimming Pool Walls

Clarity Pool Service- Acrylic Swimming Pool Wall Feature

See-Through Acrylic Swimming Pool Wall Feature

Clarity Pool Service- Acrylic Swimming Pool Wall Feature

Clarity Pool Service- Acrylic Swimming Pool Wall Feature

At Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, we pride ourselves on designing and constructing beautiful custom swimming pools. So, when it comes to custom features for your swimming pool, we have you covered! It’s essential that you select a pool feature or set of features that accentuate as well as complement the overall aesthetic design of the pool. The adage “Sometimes less is more” has never been more accurate. Especially where modern swimming pool design is concerned. This article is the start of a series of informative articles that will cover custom swimming pool design & some of the hottest new features that are available, as well as a few that are taking the industry by storm. In this article, we’ll be covering one of those trends that everyone in the industry is talking about, swimming pool designs that feature transparent walls.

Acrylic Walls – The Current Rage in Custom Swimming Pool Design

Pool designs that feature transparent walls are one of the hottest trends in swimming pool design and construction at the moment, our research here at Clarity Pool Service has yielded some pretty exciting results. The toughest part about this popular style is the structural difficulty and challenges that come along with a project of this magnitude. While we’re not here to cast a negative light on the process of integrating transparent walls into your custom swimming pool, we are here to inform you of the process that goes into this fantastic new swimming pool design feature.

The transparent swimming pool wall feature is sleek, it’s modern, it’s more than modern, it’s futuristic, and it’s one of those features that open up a whole new world of what’s possible within custom swimming pool design.

If you want a custom swimming that will leave the Jones’s in the dust, then this is the feature you’ll want to include within your design. The technical term to describe this transparent pool wall feature is “Open Top Windows.” As we mentioned above, this style of pool opens up a whole other world a possibility within the art of custom swimming pool design.

Acrylic Transparent Swimming Pool Wall Sketchup Design

Acrylic Transparent Swimming Pool Wall Sketchup Design

If you’re looking for a custom swimming pool designer that will work directly with your architect or engineer, give Clarity Pool Service a call today.

Are you interested in checking out some other swimming pool design features? Well, check out the Clarity Pool Service custom swimming pool design feature section to explore other options that are available to you.

Custom Swimming Pool Hilight

The following photo album below is a project from a company in France known as Piscines Carre Bleu. Please don’t ask us how to pronounce it, but one thing is for sure, this company can build custom swimming pools. Their website is in French, but we recommend swinging by their site and getting some design ideas. Or, even better, use Piscines Carre Bleu to build your Chateau swimming pool in France.

Visit the Official Piscines Carre Bleu Website

Swimming Pool Floating Steppers are Exquisite Design Feature

Natural Limestone Floating Step-Stones - Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada

Swimming Pool Floating Steppers Design Feature

Floating Steppers Swimming Pool Feature by Clarity Pool Service

The Floating Steppers feature can give your custom swimming pool the modern aesthetic that people are sure to complement on. The steppers are a great way to add a functional crossing for your swimming pool design as well as an awe-inspiring artistic flair.

Floating Steppers are an excellent way to give your upcoming swimming pool build that certain high-end aesthetic. If you’ve been browsing the inter-web for any length of time within the past couple years, you’ll notice that swimming pool design in the 21st century is all about artistic expression and is comparable to any other creative medium used to produce artistic works. The only difference being the fact that your canvas and your brush are a lot more expensive than traditional mediums and a lot more permanent. The exquisite pool designs that utilize floating steppers are starting to roll in online, and they are amazing! This feature can be both functional and visually appealing, but can also come at a cost.

Some Minor Drawbacks to the Floating Steppers Feature

One drawback to the Floating Steppers design feature is the fact that they can take up a portion of pool real estate. Space that you could have otherwise used as well, pool space. The Floating Steppers create a pathway or bridge, enabling the homeowner to cross to the opposite side of a pool. Floating Steppers use a submerged support column that can vary in height; the height of the stepper support column will depend on the pool depth within the area you plan to install them. Your choice in stepping stone or finish material will almost always be a complementary natural stone or some other type of appealing accent material. Just browsing Pinterest or Houzz will yield some extraordinary and creative ways that swimming design contractors are using this reasonably new and modern swimming pool design feature.

If you have a few custom swimming pool features in mind for the pool you’ve been considering, give Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada, a call today. We’re your source for contemporary swimming pool design and contracting services.

If you’re interested in learning about a few more contemporary swimming pool design features, make sure to check out our pool feature section of our site. Our best words of advice, “sometimes less is more where it concerns pool features.” We recommend giving us a call, setting up an on-site design consultation so you can let us know what you have in mind. We’re here to help you build the swimming pool you’ve always envisioned owning.

Check out our swimming pool feature section for some additional inspiration!

Natural Limestone Floating Step-Stones - Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada

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Infinity Edge Swimming Pools

Custom Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Design

Clarity Pool Service

Las Vegas, Nevada

Tropical Swimming Pool Design Theme
Tropical Swimming Pool Design Theme

Inspiration and vision are the driving forces behind every infinity edge swimming pool that Clarity Pool Service builds.

With infinity edge swimming pools, the idea is to blend the waterline and the surrounding environment — these types of pools are all about location, location, location!

A property with an elevated view is where an infinity edge pool makes its best appearance. The waterline will appear to ‘fall off’ one section of a poolside, or even look to have no pool sides at all. The water drops into the surrounding area to create a fantastic view. Other times, the pool itself is slightly elevated, and the swimming pool appears to fall off into the yard landscaping. Regardless of the location, infinity edge swimming pools are some of the most eye-catching swimming pools that people encounter. In the hands of an experienced pool contractor, infinity edge pools will complement the surroundings and entice people to enjoy the experience.

When water drops from an infinity edge swimming pool, it can directly recirculate back into the pool. Other designs have the overflow spill into another swimming pool area or even a hot tub. Clarity Pool Service knows how to combine property aesthetics and the surrounding environment to create an original and elegant swimming pool experience.

It’s who you know and who you work with

Clarity Pool Service in Las Vegas, Nevada works very closely with architects, landscapers, property owners, and utility contractors to design a pool that looks right at home in their location. When properly designed, a luxury swimming pool becomes part of the building architecture. The line fades between the building, the property, the landscaping, and the environment.

Clarity Pool Service in Las Vegas, Nevada works very closely with architects, landscapers, property owners, and utility contractors to design a pool that looks right at home in their location. When properly designed, a luxury swimming pool becomes part of the building architecture. The line fades between the building, the property, the landscaping, and the environment.

Through diligent planning and careful execution, Clarity Pool Service in Southern Nevada builds custom swimming pools for both residential and commercial properties. With decades of experience in developing high-end infinity edge swimming pools, Clarity Pool Service is a name that you can trust.

Contact Us

If you would like more information on infinity edge swimming pools, contact Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas at (702) 839-9265. You can also reach out to us just by clicking this link.

Luxury Swimming Pools

Complete Rockscape Swimming Pool Design

What separates a luxury swimming pool from any other swimming pool?

A luxury swimming pool defines an experience. The design and aesthetics will tell you that you are looking at luxury and quality from first glance. It is the difference between saying, “Wow! You have a swimming pool!” and “WOW! What an amazing swimming pool!”. It is no secret that neighborhoods in Las Vegas, Nevada have swimming pools on every block. There are pools of every shape and size located all across southern Nevada. When it comes to defining the separation between a swimming pool and a luxury swimming pool, people rarely need anyone else to tell them which one they see. A luxury swimming pool stands above the rest from the moment you see it. But what exactly goes into a luxury pool to make the quality so apparent?


From the initial gathering of the builders, contractors, property and pool architects, landscapers, and project management, every part of the pool building process revolves around the central theme of creating a luxurious experience. Rather than merely filling yard space for a functional pool, a luxury pool is designed to complement the features and aesthetics of the entire property. A properly designed luxury pool “looks right” in the property space… as if the pool, the building, and the property itself were all combined to provide a top tier overall experience. Everything about the pool design should flow with the aesthetics of the surrounding area.


Pool construction can take many forms depending on the materials utilized for a swimming pool project. A typical pool in las vegas will have a heat resistant deck, ceramic pool tiles, and a rectangular concrete foundation. A luxury pool will also have a heat resistant layer but utilize premium glass tiles, polished stone, marble, granite, and other surfacing options not seen in a standard pool layout. These premium pools are custom shaped and fitted into property spaces as designed by architects to ensure the design matches the aesthetics of the surrounding area. These quality materials and designs make the pool stand out as something special. Many luxury swimming pools have glass tile and bead mosaic style layouts to add extra depth and color.


The features found in a premium luxury swimming pool will vary depending on the ‘purpose’ for the swimming pool. Some of the favorite features seen within high-end swimming pools include sculpted fountains, waterfalls, rock formations, infinity edge, zero edge water lines, along with landscaping to compliment every aspect of the pool design. Some premium pool designers add a swimming current for exercise, a poolside bar and lounge area, poolside barbecue kitchen, colored lighting, outdoor speakers, hidden coves, spas, and every other feature that people can associate with a luxury swimming pool experience. When a pool construction budget can accommodate a design idea, the sky is the limit!

Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada has the experience to make your dream pool experience a reality. If you are in the market for a high-quality luxury swimming pool, give the experts at Clarity Pool Service a call at (702) 839-9265. Let’s talk about what we can build for you!

Need a Custom Swimming Pool Design Contractor?

Clarity Pool Service Pool Bead Blasting - Decalcify and Remove Hard Water Deposits with our Pool Bead Blasting Service
Custom Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Design

Custom Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Design

At Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, we specialize in custom pool design and contracting services. From concept to completion, we’ll ensure that your custom pool project is done professionally and is finished promptly, all while delivering the superior customer service and support that we’ve become known for providing.

If you’re in the market for a custom pool contractor, we invite you to browse the Clarity Pool Service website for an informative overview of our pool building process. We’re Southern Nevada’s premiere authority on custom swimming pool design and construction services. We recommend starting here at our “New Pool Construction” section. At Clarity Pool Service we believe that an educated client is a great client. During the pool design & construction process, we will require you to make both aesthetic and functional decisions about your residential or commercial swimming pool project. These decisions will ultimately lead to the end swimming pool product. So, the more you learn and understand our pool building process, the better your custom pool project turns out.

We’re not just a custom pool builder, at Clarity Pool Service we offer comprehensive solutions for all your swimming pool needs. From regularly scheduled maintenance, bead blasting, PuriPool water treatment, and pool renovation services. Clarity is your preferred custom pool builder and pool maintenance service. Give us a call today to speak with one of our swimming pool specialists. Thank you for choosing Clarity for all your swimming pool needs.

If you still need some additional information on Clarity Pool Service, visit our new pool construction section now! You’ll be able to learn more about the Clarity Pool Service construction process.

Schedule a Swimming Pool Service Consultation with Clarity!

Whether you're exploring the idea of building a custom swimming pool, or you would like us to maintain your existing one. Clarity Pool Services has you covered! We specialize in custom pool design & construction as well as every maintenance service in between, and after pool construction. We're avid supporters of being water smart here in the Las Vegas, Valley, offering "no-drain" eco-friendly water treatments that restore the quality of your swimming pool water without having to drain, refill, and re-introduce traditional pool treatment chemicals. We have a better solution known as the PuriPool Water Treatment Process. We also offer pool restoration and our bead blasting service that will eliminate unsightly calcium scale and other hard water remnants. Schedule a consultation today with Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada!

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