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In the Know about Perimeter-Overflow Custom Swimming Pools

Custom Built Perimeter-Overflow or Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Design by Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada

Getting to Know the Custom Perimeter-Overflow Swimming Pool Design Concept

Swimming Pool Perimeter-Overflow Technical Specifications Graphic

Swimming Pool Perimeter-Overflow Technical Specifications

A Perimeter-Overflow, also known as Knife-Edge swimming pool design, is an elegant way to modernize your outdoor living area. This pool design method should only get implemented by a skilled and experienced pool design and construction professionals. The Perimeter-Overflow incorporates the infinity edge design concept into the entire perimeter of the swimming pool, which gives the overall pool design nothing short of spectacular results. The Perimeter-Overflow pool design pumps a thin sheet of water over and into a built-in catch basin or hidden trough built into and around the entire poolscape. The water in the catch basin gets recirculated back into the pool and over the perimeter in a cyclical process. You can imagine the edge of your pool, which has a built-in waterfall that is small enough to walk over. The result is extraordinary, modern, and will have your guests talking about how amazing your swimming pool is to all their friends. The Perimeter-Overflow gives your swimming pool a mirror-like aesthetic that’s reflective and can only be described as “Magical.” There’s nothing like seeing a properly executed perimeter-overflow pool design for the first time.

Just like any industry, swimming pool design is highly competitive; it’s continually evolving. Here at Clarity Pool Service, we’re striving to push the known boundaries of pool design to the brink of both function and aesthetic appeal. Modern swimming pool design is attaining awe-inspiring heights in the 21st century, between the new and improving technology coming out and the ever-changing architectural methods, you’re sure to see some new breathtaking pool builds coming from our company. At Clarity Pool Service, we aim always to push our craft to new depths.

Don’t worry because extraordinary results aren’t always associated with a remarkable price tag, at least that remains true with Clarity Pool Services of Las Vegas, Nevada. We want to take this time to raise your awareness regarding the technical aspects of a Perimeter-Overflow swimming pool design though. On the technical side, advanced knowledge of hydraulic systems and pressurized returns, along with gravity drain lines is where we start our process. It’s safe to say that this isn’t your standard run-of-the-mill swimming pool design. Here at Clarity Pool Service, our swimming pool design consultants are here to guide you through all of your options as well as help devise a build strategy that will fit into your pre-defined pool building budget. We understand that most clients will want it all, but our design consultants can help you stay grounded in reality, something we all need now and then. We believe that through proper communication, we can ensure we provide the best results for your hard earned money.

If you’re interested in having Clarity Pool Service design and construct your swimming pool, give us a call today! We might even be able to implement a perimeter-overflow pool plan for your outdoor living area. From swimming pool concept to completion, and even pool cleaning and aftercare, we’re not only here to build your investment, but we’re here to protect it afterward with the proper cleaning and maintenance services we provide.

Who is Clarity Pool Service?

Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada is a premier swimming pool design contractor in the Southern Nevada area. We aspire to be one of Southern Nevada’s top swimming pool design and contracting companies. We understand that being one of the top pool builders isn’t just about producing the best pools; it’s also about providing a superior level of customer service and support to our clientele, but mostly about building amazing pools, lol. That’s the Clarity Pool Service difference! Give us a call today to schedule an on-site swimming pool design consultation.

View some of the other amazing water features that Clarity Pool Service can integrate into your custom pool design here.

Connecting Pool Channel “The River Channel”

Shallow Swimming Pool Perimeter-Overflow Water Connecting Channel Technical Cut-Away Graphic

Shallow Swimming Pool Perimeter-Overflow Water Connecting Channel Technical Cut-Away Graphic

In this swimming pool design reference by Clarity Pool Service, we implemented multiple vanishing edge or perimeter-overflow techniques to achieve this fantastic pool design. The project was a high-end custom home located in the Summit Club within the Summerlin community. One unique feature was the pool connecting channel. Not only does it serve the purpose of joining the primary pool and the courtyard, it also serves as an excellent and appealing feature that lends to the overall design aesthetic.


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Custom Perimeter-Overflow Swimming Pool Design PDF Download

Custom Swimming Pool Perimeter-Overflow Infographic by Clarity Pool Service

Custom Swimming Pool Perimeter-Overflow Infographic by Clarity Pool Service

Swimming Pool Contractors Las Vegas

Custom swimming pool construction project from Clarity Pool Service in Las Vegas, Nevada

Clarity Pool Service
Las Vegas, NV

Swimming Pool Contractor Las Vegas

Clarity Pool Service is not just another swimming pool contractor in Las Vegas, Nevada. With decades of experience planning, designing, constructing and maintaining residential and commercial swimming pools, Clarity Pool Service knows what they are doing. They specialize in custom pool projects that aesthetically fit and fill their environments. Cutting edge designs like zero edge and infinity edge swimming pools create a style like no other. Clarity Pool Service also builds community recreational swimming pools with complimentary poolscapes and safety features. When it comes to experienced swimming pool builders in Las Vegas, Clarity Pool Service is a name to trust.

When searching for a swimming pool contractor Las Vegas, Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada has a portfolio of success. Residential and Commercial clients alike have great things to say about their experience with Clarity Pool Service:

Service Review Highlights

These guys are meticulous and amazing!! We spent three months trying to find the right company to build our pool as it’s a huge investment. We met with Brandon, and the minute he presented his bid, we knew that he’s the guy we want building our pool and we are SO glad that we did pick this company! Communication is great which is very important, in my opinion. Our pool is still being built right now, and I will update my review with pictures hopefully when it’s all done. They started end of Nov and even with the holidays in the way, they are almost done building the pool. I’m very impressed with their work and how fast it took to build the pool. I will most definitely recommend everyone I know to Clarity Pools! Thanks, Brandon for all your hard work!” – Nikita Nur Christopher. Facebook Review.

EXCEPTIONAL service!!! Worth its weight in gold!! Very professional, attention to detail, and great work. Came out to clear my clogged line, little Co2 blast. Highly recommend anything pool related that may need to be done. Thank you for saving my pool.” – Nikki Sapp. Facebook Review.

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Swimming Pool Repair

Custom Rockscape Swimming Pool Design & Construction - Clarity Pool Service of Southern Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

Swimming pool renovation can include pool structure resurfacing, crack and chip repair, pool deck repairs, adding water or landscaping features, plumbing, and pool filtration system upgrades or replacements. As swimming pools age, they can lose their functionality and visual appeal. Because of the expense to completely rebuild a swimming pool, pool renovation is an attractive alternative.

Swimming Pool Repair – structure materials

Pool structure material includes concrete, gunite, shotcrete, vinyl, and fiberglass. Concrete, gunite, and shotcrete are similar construction material that can have dangerous or rough spots cut out, filled in, smoothed out, and resurfaced at a fraction of the cost of rebuilding. Vinyl liners and fiberglass shells have similar methods for repairs. Swimming Pool Repair and Renovation for resurfacing will improve the look, functionality, and extend the longevity of a swimming pool for years to come.

Pool decks

Pool decks serve as the base for the “poolscape” and constructed from various materials. Because glazed tiles become very slippery when wet, unglazed tiles are a better option for pool decks. Unglazed tiles can be arranged in a multitude of patterns with many appearance options based on the tile material. Similar to using unglazed tiles, stone pavers are also commonly used as pool deck surfacing. Wooden swimming pool decks are still around; however, they are not as common as they once were thanks to improvements in composite resins. Composite resin wood pool decks have become increasingly popular for pool renovation, especially in Southern Nevada where the sun can heat surface temperatures to over 120 degrees in the summer. Many composite wooden pool decks will resist heat so that walking in bare feet during the summertime is no problem at all.

Water features and rock formations

When a swimming pool and poolscape are looking old and outdated, one of the hottest trends in pool aesthetics is to add water features and rock formations to the poolscape. Improvements in modern building materials have made adding water features and rock formations easier and less expensive than ever. Waterfalls and fountain jets are eye-catching especially when paired up with adjustable colored lighting. Rock formations built from synthetic material are typically a less expensive option than having large rocks and boulders moved and placed. Artificial rock formations can have many styling options and are used to support pool slides, walkways, bridges, and other landscaping features. Pool renovation using water features and rock formations is a great way to bring a tired looking poolscape back to life.

Plumbing and Filtration – Swimming Pool Repair

Swimming pool repair for plumbing and filtration systems is one of the most common procedures for inground pools. Many times, identifying a plumbing problem is tricky because much of the pipe buried between the pump/filter system and the swimming pool cannot be accessed easily. In many instances, people notice an increase in their water utility bills before realizing that their pool plumbing is leaking. When it comes to replacing an old filter pump, there are many options available. Modern pool pumps have adjustable speed settings which can dramatically reduce electric utility bills. Older swimming pool pumps have preset power usage levels that pull more power than what a newer swimming pool pump will use. Renovating a pool filtration system and plumbing will save time and money in both the short and long term.

Talk to the experts in pool renovation

If you are considering replacing or renovating your swimming pool, call the experts at Clarity Pool Service in Las Vegas, Nevada. Clarity Pool Service has the experience to bring new life to your aging swimming pool. Talk with the professional pool builders at Clarity Pool Service and schedule your consultation today.