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Inground Pools Las Vegas by Clarity Pools

Complete Rockscape Swimming Pool Design

Inground Swimming Pools

by Clarity Pool Service

If you are interested in working with a premier builder of inground pools in Las Vegas, choose Clarity Pool Service. We are fully licensed and insured swimming pool builders in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our goal is to deliver outstanding craftsmanship and service. As our customer, you will work closely with our professional staff to help select a unique design that fits your lifestyle, property, and budget. Clarity Pool Service also has the experience to do the job right the first time. Clarity experience pays for itself from the moment you give us a call.

Las Vegas Pool Builders

From start to finish, we will work on the inground pool installation phase with great attention to detail. The members of our staff are highly knowledgeable and skilled at coordinating the necessary steps of each stage. From inspection and planning, through the pool construction phases, we use high-quality products to bring you great value and performance. You can also depend on our team to stick with your timetable and finish construction stages on schedule. We respect our clients time as much as we respect our own. Clarity Pool Service is a lead by example company.

Pool Contractors Las Vegas

Our pool contractor experience ranges from high-end infinity edge swimming pools to community pools, to relaxing backyard pools. Our company has experience working with architects, landscapers, utility crews, and construction teams to deliver excellence. Rockscapes, water slides, waterfalls, fountains, misting sprayers, swim-up bars, lighting systems, audio/visual media, and a planet full of other ideas, Clarity Pool Service has it covered.

Clarity Pool Service is a client-focused business that will work hard to ensure your satisfaction. Among providers of inground pools in the Las Vegas area, we are an outstanding option.

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Pool Companies in Las Vegas, NV

Custom swimming pool construction project from Clarity Pool Service in Las Vegas, Nevada

Clarity Pool Service

When you are searching for pool companies in Las Vegas, NV, Clarity Pool Service specializes in swimming pool and hot tub installation, pool remodeling, repairs, and providing emergency and scheduled maintenance services. Our mission is to provide a space to relax and enjoy while keeping construction schedules on time and the budgets in check. Our goal is to perform swimming pool projects correctly the first time. There is no wasted time, money, or energy on your custom swimming pool. We are fully licensed and insured Las Vegas pool builders who are ready to put our experience to work for you!

Team of Experienced Professionals

Our professional team guides every step of the pool design and installation process. We will customize your swimming pool to match your requests and provide you with a full cost estimate for the project. We also offer experienced pool remodeling and repair services as well. Clarity Pool Service is not just another pool company in Las Vegas; we have a volume of construction portfolios to show for our custom swimming pool design, manufacturing, and remodeling service.

Inground Pools Las Vegas

A premier pool company in Las Vegas, Nevada, Clarity Pool Service is fully licensed and insured to give our customers peace of mind. We deliver outstanding craftsmanship, and our staff works closely with each client to make sure our design fits your lifestyle.

From designing and planning through completion, our team will sweat the small details every step of the way. Wisdom and experience ensure that we meet our goals through the careful coordination of resources and labor. Our products are high-quality so that the function matches the form with style and durability. The pool company in Las Vegas to trust is Clarity Pool Service.

Pool Heater Installation Las Vegas

In southern Nevada, without a pool heater, the swimming pool season starts around May and ends by late September. When calculated that equates to five out of twelve months for swimming in your pool. Seven of twelve months of not swimming in your swimming pool.

Clarity Pool Service offers a wide selection of pool heater models along with a full listing of installation services. We have competitive pricing and a team of qualified professionals ready to work for you. Make the most of your swimming pool and call Clarity Pool Service about your pool heating needs.

Pool Repair Las Vegas, Nevada

Swimming Pool owners in Southern Nevada know how quickly dust and debris can bog down and block a pool filtration system. Poor circulation and filtration will quickly cause maintenance nightmares when not addressed. Tile and gunite crack and break, pool plumbing leaks and ruptures, and even heat resistant decking will fade and decay, and hard water forms mineral rings around everything. Thankfully, when your pool needs repair, Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas is there!

Our pool company in Las Vegas repairs pool filtration systems, plumbing, pumps, seals, filters, cracks, chips, stains, and more. We even offer reverse-osmosis water filtration to remove particle solids from your pool water! Concrete pools, gunite pools, fiberglass pools, and vinyl pools are all covered at Clarity Pool Service.

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Swimming Pool Contractors Las Vegas

Custom swimming pool construction project from Clarity Pool Service in Las Vegas, Nevada

Clarity Pool Service
Las Vegas, NV

Swimming Pool Contractor Las Vegas

Clarity Pool Service is not just another swimming pool contractor in Las Vegas, Nevada. With decades of experience planning, designing, constructing and maintaining residential and commercial swimming pools, Clarity Pool Service knows what they are doing. They specialize in custom pool projects that aesthetically fit and fill their environments. Cutting edge designs like zero edge and infinity edge swimming pools create a style like no other. Clarity Pool Service also builds community recreational swimming pools with complimentary poolscapes and safety features. When it comes to experienced swimming pool builders in Las Vegas, Clarity Pool Service is a name to trust.

When searching for a swimming pool contractor Las Vegas, Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada has a portfolio of success. Residential and Commercial clients alike have great things to say about their experience with Clarity Pool Service:

Service Review Highlights

These guys are meticulous and amazing!! We spent three months trying to find the right company to build our pool as it’s a huge investment. We met with Brandon, and the minute he presented his bid, we knew that he’s the guy we want building our pool and we are SO glad that we did pick this company! Communication is great which is very important, in my opinion. Our pool is still being built right now, and I will update my review with pictures hopefully when it’s all done. They started end of Nov and even with the holidays in the way, they are almost done building the pool. I’m very impressed with their work and how fast it took to build the pool. I will most definitely recommend everyone I know to Clarity Pools! Thanks, Brandon for all your hard work!” – Nikita Nur Christopher. Facebook Review.

EXCEPTIONAL service!!! Worth its weight in gold!! Very professional, attention to detail, and great work. Came out to clear my clogged line, little Co2 blast. Highly recommend anything pool related that may need to be done. Thank you for saving my pool.” – Nikki Sapp. Facebook Review.

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Swimming Pool Repair

Custom Rockscape Swimming Pool Design & Construction - Clarity Pool Service of Southern Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

Swimming pool renovation can include pool structure resurfacing, crack and chip repair, pool deck repairs, adding water or landscaping features, plumbing, and pool filtration system upgrades or replacements. As swimming pools age, they can lose their functionality and visual appeal. Because of the expense to completely rebuild a swimming pool, pool renovation is an attractive alternative.

Swimming Pool Repair – structure materials

Pool structure material includes concrete, gunite, shotcrete, vinyl, and fiberglass. Concrete, gunite, and shotcrete are similar construction material that can have dangerous or rough spots cut out, filled in, smoothed out, and resurfaced at a fraction of the cost of rebuilding. Vinyl liners and fiberglass shells have similar methods for repairs. Swimming Pool Repair and Renovation for resurfacing will improve the look, functionality, and extend the longevity of a swimming pool for years to come.

Pool decks

Pool decks serve as the base for the “poolscape” and constructed from various materials. Because glazed tiles become very slippery when wet, unglazed tiles are a better option for pool decks. Unglazed tiles can be arranged in a multitude of patterns with many appearance options based on the tile material. Similar to using unglazed tiles, stone pavers are also commonly used as pool deck surfacing. Wooden swimming pool decks are still around; however, they are not as common as they once were thanks to improvements in composite resins. Composite resin wood pool decks have become increasingly popular for pool renovation, especially in Southern Nevada where the sun can heat surface temperatures to over 120 degrees in the summer. Many composite wooden pool decks will resist heat so that walking in bare feet during the summertime is no problem at all.

Water features and rock formations

When a swimming pool and poolscape are looking old and outdated, one of the hottest trends in pool aesthetics is to add water features and rock formations to the poolscape. Improvements in modern building materials have made adding water features and rock formations easier and less expensive than ever. Waterfalls and fountain jets are eye-catching especially when paired up with adjustable colored lighting. Rock formations built from synthetic material are typically a less expensive option than having large rocks and boulders moved and placed. Artificial rock formations can have many styling options and are used to support pool slides, walkways, bridges, and other landscaping features. Pool renovation using water features and rock formations is a great way to bring a tired looking poolscape back to life.

Plumbing and Filtration – Swimming Pool Repair

Swimming pool repair for plumbing and filtration systems is one of the most common procedures for inground pools. Many times, identifying a plumbing problem is tricky because much of the pipe buried between the pump/filter system and the swimming pool cannot be accessed easily. In many instances, people notice an increase in their water utility bills before realizing that their pool plumbing is leaking. When it comes to replacing an old filter pump, there are many options available. Modern pool pumps have adjustable speed settings which can dramatically reduce electric utility bills. Older swimming pool pumps have preset power usage levels that pull more power than what a newer swimming pool pump will use. Renovating a pool filtration system and plumbing will save time and money in both the short and long term.

Talk to the experts in pool renovation

If you are considering replacing or renovating your swimming pool, call the experts at Clarity Pool Service in Las Vegas, Nevada. Clarity Pool Service has the experience to bring new life to your aging swimming pool. Talk with the professional pool builders at Clarity Pool Service and schedule your consultation today.

Southwest Nevada Off-Season Pool Maintenance

Clarity Pool Service - Eco-Friendly Water Treatment with PuriPool Process Service of Las Vegas, Nevada

Winterizing Pools for Off-Season in Southern Nevada

For many pool owners in Southwest Nevada, swimming season is over during the Fall and Winter months. While the local climate is much more accommodating for outdoor pools than many parts of the country, it is never a good idea to leave a pool on ‘autopilot’ for the off-season. Not correctly setting a pool up during downtime can cause costly problems. We will now discuss off-season pool maintenance.

In many states, ‘winterizing’ pools includes draining the water as a necessity to prevent significant damage to the structure and parts of the pool and filter system. Because Southern Nevada rarely has ice and snow, many pool owners leave the pools filled during the offseason. Some pool owners utilize water heaters and keep their pools open all year round. For those who do not heat their pool, special care is needed to prevent time-consuming and costly issues.

The Big Freeze

One of the big problems that can occur during the off-season pool maintenance months is overnight freezing of plumbing and mechanical components of the pump and filter system. While average daytime temperatures hover in the high 50s between November and February, nighttime temperatures only average 37 degrees. Occasionally temperatures will reach the freezing point, especially at night. These temperatures are when water in the pump, filter, and plumbing can freeze and expand. The expanding ice can crack and break the pump and filter parts, as well as, the pipes between the pool and pump/filter system.

Aside from draining your pool and pump/filter system, one of the best ways to avoid freezing parts is to set your pump and filter to run from midnight until 8 am. Keeping the pool water in motion during the coldest points will help prevent water from freezing inside the pump, filter, and plumbing.

Chemical Imbalance

Another potential problem is having a chemical imbalance and wrong pH balance of the water during the offseason. Not maintaining proper water chemical balance during the off-season pool maintenance cycle can cause algae to bloom as the water temp climbs. Algae and ‘green water’ will need time, effort, and chemicals to get back under control, so prevention is the key to avoiding a significant algae cleanup at the start of the next swimming season. Adding algaecide with the winterizing chemicals during the offseason can help prevent a bloom from appearing in the Spring.


Debris buildup in the pump and filter system can block water circulation. Strong winds in Southern Nevada can easily blow outside debris into your pool. Debris buildup can obstruct the pump and filter system and render them ineffective. On top of not properly circulating the pool water and chemicals, the obstruction can also prevent water from reaching the pump which can cause overheating and subsequent damage to the pump system if forced to run ‘dry.’ Regularly checking and cleaning the filter system during the offseason will prevent debris from building up and obstructing the pool water circulation.

Hard Water and Minerals

Another consideration in pool maintenance for Southern Nevada is hard minerals in the water. Calcium, lime, and other hard minerals are present in untreated water. These minerals will build up over time along the pool tiles leaving a white ring around the water line that can be time-consuming and difficult to remove. It is also essential to check for any water leaks along the pump and filter system as hard minerals will build up at the leak point and will make the problem worse over time. Brushing the pool sides every week can help keep hard water stains off of the pool tile surface. When mineral buildup does not brush off, services such as glass bead-blasting can be used to clean the minerals from the pool tiles.

Off-Season Pool Maintenance

While Southern Nevada does not experience the type of weather that requires full pool winterization, there is a list of pool maintenance steps to take during the offseason. We will now review some of the typical steps to take for winterizing your swimming pool in Southern Nevada:

* Set the pool pump and filter system to run between 12 am Р8 am from November through February 
* Add algaecide along with your other winterizing chemicals during the Winter months
* Filter cleaning and weekly chemical balance checks
* Brushing/scrubbing of pool tiles weekly
* Equipment and visible plumbing weekly checks

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