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Swimming Pool Repair

Las Vegas, Nevada

Swimming pool renovation can include pool structure resurfacing, crack and chip repair, pool deck repairs, adding water or landscaping features, plumbing, and pool filtration system upgrades or replacements. As swimming pools age, they can lose their functionality and visual appeal. Because of the expense to completely rebuild a swimming pool, pool renovation is an attractive alternative.

Swimming Pool Repair – structure materials

Pool structure material includes concrete, gunite, shotcrete, vinyl, and fiberglass. Concrete, gunite, and shotcrete are similar construction material that can have dangerous or rough spots cut out, filled in, smoothed out, and resurfaced at a fraction of the cost of rebuilding. Vinyl liners and fiberglass shells have similar methods for repairs. Swimming Pool Repair and Renovation for resurfacing will improve the look, functionality, and extend the longevity of a swimming pool for years to come.

Pool decks

Pool decks serve as the base for the “poolscape” and constructed from various materials. Because glazed tiles become very slippery when wet, unglazed tiles are a better option for pool decks. Unglazed tiles can be arranged in a multitude of patterns with many appearance options based on the tile material. Similar to using unglazed tiles, stone pavers are also commonly used as pool deck surfacing. Wooden swimming pool decks are still around; however, they are not as common as they once were thanks to improvements in composite resins. Composite resin wood pool decks have become increasingly popular for pool renovation, especially in Southern Nevada where the sun can heat surface temperatures to over 120 degrees in the summer. Many composite wooden pool decks will resist heat so that walking in bare feet during the summertime is no problem at all.

Water features and rock formations

When a swimming pool and poolscape are looking old and outdated, one of the hottest trends in pool aesthetics is to add water features and rock formations to the poolscape. Improvements in modern building materials have made adding water features and rock formations easier and less expensive than ever. Waterfalls and fountain jets are eye-catching especially when paired up with adjustable colored lighting. Rock formations built from synthetic material are typically a less expensive option than having large rocks and boulders moved and placed. Artificial rock formations can have many styling options and are used to support pool slides, walkways, bridges, and other landscaping features. Pool renovation using water features and rock formations is a great way to bring a tired looking poolscape back to life.

Plumbing and Filtration – Swimming Pool Repair

Swimming pool repair for plumbing and filtration systems is one of the most common procedures for inground pools. Many times, identifying a plumbing problem is tricky because much of the pipe buried between the pump/filter system and the swimming pool cannot be accessed easily. In many instances, people notice an increase in their water utility bills before realizing that their pool plumbing is leaking. When it comes to replacing an old filter pump, there are many options available. Modern pool pumps have adjustable speed settings which can dramatically reduce electric utility bills. Older swimming pool pumps have preset power usage levels that pull more power than what a newer swimming pool pump will use. Renovating a pool filtration system and plumbing will save time and money in both the short and long term.

Talk to the experts in pool renovation

If you are considering replacing or renovating your swimming pool, call the experts at Clarity Pool Service in Las Vegas, Nevada. Clarity Pool Service has the experience to bring new life to your aging swimming pool. Talk with the professional pool builders at Clarity Pool Service and schedule your consultation today.

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