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Our Bead Blasting Service can remove any unsightly calcium and mineral deposit build-ups that form on your pool surfaces. For optimal results, we combine our Clarity Pool Service Bead Blasting with our PuriPool™ water filtration process. Our PuriPool™ eco-friendly reverse osmosis water treatment will help to reduce any further scale build-up from forming around your swimming pool tile. Clarity Pool Service PuriPool™ water treatment helps to remove calcium and hard-water build-up in your swimming pool to prevent further scale buildup long after the initial bead blasting service has completed.

Our Process

The Clarity Pool Service “Bead Blasting Process” uses compressed air to spray micro-size glass beads at a high velocity. The spray removes calcium scale, hard water deposits, and any other minerals that collect and build-up around your swimming pool water line. The proprietary glass bead is not as hard as a grain of sand (used in traditional abrasive blasting), and therefore less damaging to the surface of your swimming pool during the bead blasting process. The glass beads are collected from the bottom of the pool with a vacuum and dried out for later reuse. The bead blast cleaning guarantees a certain level of cleanliness and restoration to your swimming pool. Calcium scale and hard water deposit build-up are by far one the most common problems in the local Las Vegas area.

Our Most Effective Solution

As our most effective solution to hard mineral build-up, Clarity Pool Service combines our Tile Cleaning with our PuriPool™ reverse-osmosis water filtration service.

Once the tile cleaning is performed, we vacuum the glass beads from the bottom of the pool. Clarity Pool Service then utilizes our mobile reverse-osmosis water treatment process to remove hard minerals and other solids from your pool water. When the process is complete, your pool will need fewer chemicals to stay clean and balanced. It will take much longer before hard mineral build-up returns to your pool surfaces.

How It Works:

  • Clean debris from the pool
  • Clean out the pool filters
  • Bead Blast tile cleaning service on tiles and affected surfaces
  • Vacuum the glass beads for re-use
  • PuriPool™ mobile water filtration to remove minerals and waste solids

The Bottom Line

Clarity Pool Service in Las Vegas, Nevada knows how to keep your pool clean. We can reduce the minerals that build-up along your pool tiles and surfaces. Call us today to schedule your Bead Blasting Tile Cleaning and PuriPool™ water filtration. You will be glad that you did!

Before Bead Blast - Clarity Pool Service of Southern Nevada

Before Bead Blast – Clarity Pool Service of Southern Nevada

After Bead Blast - Clarity Pool Service of Southern Nevada

After Bead Blast – Clarity Pool Service of Southern Nevada