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Swimming Pool Design Contractor in Las Vegas NV

Custom Swimming Pool Design Contractor

Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada is a custom swimming pool design contractor. We build unique, exciting, one-of-a-kind pool designs concepts for high-end residential home builders. We develop mid-range projects for residential homeowners as well. Our passion is designing and constructing extravagant custom swimming pools. If you’re searching for a swimming pool design contractor here in the Southern Nevada area, look no further than Clarity Pool Service. We have your new custom pool design, in mind. Give us a call today to schedule an on-site swimming pool design consultation.

We’ve included some snapshots of a custom swimming pool project we’re currently in the process of building. This epic project, located in the custom residential home community of “The Summit Club“. A brilliant community with inspiring views and fantastic custom homes. The luxurious community is built around its private golf course and demonstrates what high-end Summerlin South living is all about, right off of the 215 & Summerlin. These homes are in a league of their own, so we decided that a traditional swimming pool design wouldn’t suffice. We’ve included a rough illustration of the pool design layout for you to examine. Once this project is complete, we are planning to return to do a final photo and video shoot.

Custom Pool Design by Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada
Custom Pool Design by Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada

Don’t judge the illustration to harshly, but we wanted to give you an overview of roughly how the swimming pool lays out. This design is feature-full and will be a place where the homeowners will be able to entertain family and friends for many years to come.

This extraordinary custom home, built on a massive hillside overlooking the private golf course, has a reasonably large pond of water at the bottom of the hill. This body of water is placed at the perfect location. The overall landscape, hillside, and lake placement allowed for the ideal implementation of an Infinity Edge pool feature. We must say that this why the Infinity Edge was initially conceived, for a custom home and swimming pool design like this one. When the pool project is complete, it’ll be a custom home design that is sure to inspire feelings of envy. We’ll make sure to give you full coverage of all features and project details once we’ve finished this massive project.

If you’re in the market for a custom pool design contractor, give Clarity Pool Service a call today! We’re Las Vegas, Nevada’s premier custom pool design & contracting service.

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Whether you're exploring the idea of building a custom swimming pool, or you would like us to maintain your existing one. Clarity Pool Services has you covered! We specialize in custom pool design & construction as well as every maintenance service in between, and after pool construction. We're avid supporters of being water smart here in the Las Vegas, Valley, offering "no-drain" eco-friendly water treatments that restore the quality of your swimming pool water without having to drain, refill, and re-introduce traditional pool treatment chemicals. We have a better solution known as the PuriPool Water Treatment Process. We also offer pool restoration and our bead blasting service that will eliminate unsightly calcium scale and other hard water remnants. Schedule a consultation today with Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada!

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