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The robot is cleaning the pool. Maintenance pool concept.

Rise of the Pool Robots

When it comes to pool cleaning, Robotic Pool Cleaners can’t be beaten! Program it once, plug it in, and put it in the pool. Come back a few hours later to a sparkling pool. Robotic Pool Cleaners are a powerful and helpful part of maintaining a clean and hygienic pool.

These Robotic Pool Cleaners need no supervision. They have their own filter bag or capture system and doesn’t need to be attached to your pool’s pump or circulation system. It helps to turn off the pool’s pump so all the debris settles on the bottom, so the Robotic Pool Cleaner can pick it up easily. It’s important to keep in mind that these cleaners aren’t miracle workers, large debris will have to be removed with a net.

You’ll need to clean out the robot’s filter after each use, depending on your make and model. This wonderful innovation in automated pool scrubbing is a practical investment for any Las Vegas pool owner.

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