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swimming pool in the winter in Tallinn Estonia

Prepare for Pool Season Ending

As the Fall evenings in Las Vegas continue to cool, it’s time to prepare your pool for the off-season. Here are a few tips to get you through the winter.


While we have generally mild winters, it can occasionally get below freezing at night. The coldest daytime low was 8 degrees in 1963. The average January overnight low is 34 degrees, often dipping into the upper 20s.

Freezing temps can cause water in your pool’s pump, filter, and plumbing to expand and crack, damaging parts and pipes.

Setting the pump and filter to run from midnight until 8 am keeps water circulating, helping prevent frost damage.


Chemical and pH imbalances allow algae to flourish. You can add algaecide with winterizing chemicals to prevent problems from appearing in the spring.


Frequent high winds in Las Vegas result in trash and debris blowing into your yard and pool. Regular cleaning keeps your pump free of obstruction and enhances water circulation.


Be sure to clean the pool walls, filtration gear, diving boards, and ladders. The hard minerals in the local water supply cause buildup that can be difficult to remove when left untreated.

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