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Earth Tone Custom Swimming Pool Design Concept

Premier Custom Pool Design & Construction Company

If you’re looking for a custom swimming pool contractor to build your swimming pool, look no further than Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re the premier custom pool builder that pushes the limits of what’s possible in modern pool design & construction. If you have a concept that you want to turn into a reality, give Clarity a call today!

Here at Clarity Pool Service, we build custom pools with creative intent. We enjoy pushing the limits of what’s possible in pool design. Our mission is simple; we strive to reinvent the way people think of swimming pools. We aim to revolutionize the industry by designing extraordinary custom swimming pool environments. Pools that integrate seamlessly with your residential home or commercial property. When you choose Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, you know you’re selecting a pool contractor that will deliver a unique custom pool for the appropriate environment. We offer traditional and custom swimming pool design & construction services to Southern Nevada.

The Right Swimming Pool for Your Outdoor Living Environment

The traditional pool shapes we showcase here on our official website are precisely that, their classic pool shapes that are tried and true, but a little outdated. The pool shapes we demonstrate don’t take into consideration your actual backyard & outdoor living environment. We use the pool shape section as a reference, basically, a rough starting point. Your unique pool design will ultimately evolve from these shapes, and realizing your dream pool is what we’re all about here at Clarity Pool Service. Our goal is to deliver a professional custom swimming pool that you will love.

Why is Clarity Pool Service Different from the Competition

We genuinely care about every customer’s experience while building their custom swimming pool. We understand that constructing an attractive swimming pool is of paramount importance, but when you combine that with an overall superior customer service experience, you get Clarity Pool Service of Southern Nevada. We include our clients in the decision-making process when building their pool. Because when it comes down to it, it’s your pool and our primary objective is to create the ultimate recreational environment that you, your family, and your friends will enjoy for decades to come. If that sounds like the kind of company you would like to do business with, we invite you to schedule an on-site design consultation with Clarity. We can’t wait to exceed your expectations.

Schedule a Swimming Pool Service Consultation with Clarity!

Whether you're exploring the idea of building a custom swimming pool, or you would like us to maintain your existing one. Clarity Pool Services has you covered! We specialize in custom pool design & construction as well as every maintenance service in between, and after pool construction. We're avid supporters of being water smart here in the Las Vegas, Valley, offering "no-drain" eco-friendly water treatments that restore the quality of your swimming pool water without having to drain, refill, and re-introduce traditional pool treatment chemicals. We have a better solution known as the PuriPool Water Treatment Process. We also offer pool restoration and our bead blasting service that will eliminate unsightly calcium scale and other hard water remnants. Schedule a consultation today with Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada!

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Sheer Water Wall Custom Swimming Pool Design Option - Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada

Are you in need of other regularly scheduled swimming pool services? Call Clarity Pool Service today for a consultation! From scheduled maintenance to regular pool cleaning, Clarity Pool Service will take care of everything except the enjoyment you receive from using your swimming pool. Clarity is Las Vegas, Nevada’s preferred specialists in swimming pool design, contracting, and maintenance services. Give us a call today for more information! Call now (702) 839-9265

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