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Lazy-L Swimming Pool Design

The “Lazy – L” is just that, lazy. Not quite a traditional “L Shape” but kinda lackadaisical. When it comes to the shape of your in-ground swimming pool, the Lazy – L is a hit. It says that you won’t conform to the overused standards. The “Lazy – L” gives your pool a little bit of character when aesthetics are concerned. While it’s not the most exciting shape we can think of, it’s not an oval.

If simplicity is the goal, and your budget is limited, this is a swimming pool design configuration that’s perfect for medium size backyards. It’s essential that you take into consideration the outdoor living environment before choosing a swimming pool design configuration. We recommend scheduling an on-site design consultation with the experienced professionals here at Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada. Our team will be able to suggest the perfect shape for your backyard, whether it be the “Lazy – L” shape or a custom configuration better suited for your home or commercial property.

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View some of the additional swimming pool design configurations that are available to you when you choose Clarity Pool Service to design and build your custom pool project, below you'll find just a few of the base swimming pool design configurations we offer. Please keep in mind that these samples are simply a starting point, we're able to design and build just about any swimming pool shape you can imagine. If you can dream it, we can construct it here at Clarity Pool Service of Southern Nevada.

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Ask us about our customized, regularly scheduled swimming pool maintenance, bead blasting, and water treatment services we offer at Clarity Pool Service. When it comes to pools, Clarity is a step above the rest. Let Clarity take care of the regular maintenance and upkeep on your residential or commercial swimming pool. When you use Clarity Pool Service, the only time you'll think about your pool is when you're taking a plunge to into it. We'll develop specific maintenance and cleaning schedule that is convenient and meets your pools individual maintenance needs.