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Luxury Swimming Pools

What separates a luxury swimming pool from any other swimming pool?

A luxury swimming pool defines an experience. The design and aesthetics will tell you that you are looking at luxury and quality from first glance. It is the difference between saying, “Wow! You have a swimming pool!” and “WOW! What an amazing swimming pool!”. It is no secret that neighborhoods in Las Vegas, Nevada have swimming pools on every block. There are pools of every shape and size located all across southern Nevada. When it comes to defining the separation between a swimming pool and a luxury swimming pool, people rarely need anyone else to tell them which one they see. A luxury swimming pool stands above the rest from the moment you see it. But what exactly goes into a luxury pool to make the quality so apparent?


From the initial gathering of the builders, contractors, property and pool architects, landscapers, and project management, every part of the pool building process revolves around the central theme of creating a luxurious experience. Rather than merely filling yard space for a functional pool, a luxury pool is designed to complement the features and aesthetics of the entire property. A properly designed luxury pool “looks right” in the property space… as if the pool, the building, and the property itself were all combined to provide a top tier overall experience. Everything about the pool design should flow with the aesthetics of the surrounding area.


Pool construction can take many forms depending on the materials utilized for a swimming pool project. A typical pool in las vegas will have a heat resistant deck, ceramic pool tiles, and a rectangular concrete foundation. A luxury pool will also have a heat resistant layer but utilize premium glass tiles, polished stone, marble, granite, and other surfacing options not seen in a standard pool layout. These premium pools are custom shaped and fitted into property spaces as designed by architects to ensure the design matches the aesthetics of the surrounding area. These quality materials and designs make the pool stand out as something special. Many luxury swimming pools have glass tile and bead mosaic style layouts to add extra depth and color.


The features found in a premium luxury swimming pool will vary depending on the ‘purpose’ for the swimming pool. Some of the favorite features seen within high-end swimming pools include sculpted fountains, waterfalls, rock formations, infinity edge, zero edge water lines, along with landscaping to compliment every aspect of the pool design. Some premium pool designers add a swimming current for exercise, a poolside bar and lounge area, poolside barbecue kitchen, colored lighting, outdoor speakers, hidden coves, spas, and every other feature that people can associate with a luxury swimming pool experience. When a pool construction budget can accommodate a design idea, the sky is the limit!

Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada has the experience to make your dream pool experience a reality. If you are in the market for a high-quality luxury swimming pool, give the experts at Clarity Pool Service a call at (702) 839-9265. Let’s talk about what we can build for you!

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