Who are we?

Clarity Pool Service is a Las Vegas family owned and operated custom pool designer and contracting service in business for over 10 years. We offer our pool and spa services to both residential and commercial customers.

What do we do?

We design, build and maintain residential and commercial pools. Clarity Pool Service also provides pool renovation and remodeling services such as repairing broken concrete or even adding Rock Slides and Water Features. In addition, Clarity Pool Service also offers Wet Deck and Spa construction and maintenance services as well. We are fully licensed by SNHD to maintain all commercial pools. In addition to regular maintenance services, we also offer third party compliance inspections to help keep in house staff on track and avoid surprises from the health department.

Where do we offer services?

Our company is based in Las Vegas and we offer our pool services to residents and businesses throughout Southern Nevada.

When you want it done right, all you have to do is make one call to Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Clarity Pool Service has you covered!

NV Contractor’s License A10 #0080815

Bid Limit $400,000

Whether you’ve been considering or actively exploring the idea of building a custom swimming pool, or you need a pool company that’s able to clean & maintain your existing one. Clarity Pool Service has the experience, knowledge, and the know-how to exceed your expectations every time, and we do it all at an affordable monthly rate. We specialize in new pool design & construction, pool repair, pool renovation, pool bead blasting, eco-friendly water treatment (no-drain swimming pool water treatment), as well as regularly scheduled monthly pool maintenance and cleaning services.

Did you know that we’re avid supporters of local Southern Nevada water conservation? Well, we are, and we’re serious about doing our part to conserve this precious resource. We also understand that our “water smart” efforts today will not only benefit the next generation but will also set the standard for future generations to come. That’s why our PuriPool Water Treatment Service is eco-friendly and helps us to restore the original quality of your pool water. Through reverse osmosis, we’re actively limiting the negative impact we have on our fragile desert eco-system. Plus, the PuriPool Water Treatment process is natural, we won’t re-introduce any harsh chemicals after the treatment process, it’s safe, and it conserves a massive amount of pool water. At Clarity Pool Service, we pride ourselves on offering superior pool services and being “water smart.”

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