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How to Pick the Right Pool Builder

Many Choices…

Pool construction is serious business, especially in Southern Nevada. Because of the materials, equipment, and time needed for building an inground pool, hiring the wrong pool builder can be a costly mistake. People in the market for a Las Vegas pool contractor will quickly find a large number of people and places on their checklists. With so many people in the business of pool construction, finding the right people for the job can be tricky. Thankfully, there are some common things to look for and ask about when interviewing potential pool contractors.

We will now discuss six things people can do to help pick the right pool builder for their inground pool project.

Six Steps to Take

  • 1) Look for a pool builder who has an extensive portfolio of current completed projects to review. Experienced pool builders are typically very excited and proud to show off their hard work. A person or company without an existing portfolio of pool projects should have a good reason for not having a good list of references and referrals.
  • 2) Check local pool contractor websites and review the information available. A reliable pool building company should have plenty of information about the company, products, and services available. These websites often have a gallery of pool shapes and designs for review along with a portfolio of completed pool projects.
  • 3) Ask for referrals from previous customers. Any company that advertises pool construction services should have a list of references from their previous projects. If a company is reluctant to provide referrals from their customers, do not hesitate to walk away. After obtaining a referral list, contact several of them and ask if they would hire the company again without hesitation.
  • 4) Read all the materials provided by a pool contractor and never sign off on contracts and clauses that you do not fully understand. Always get clarification on items when you are not 100% certain. When in doubt, do not sign until you have answers.
  • 5) Ask about follow up service, support, and maintenance from a pool builder. Find out if the company provides any services or support once a project is complete. Buyers should know if a company will be available after construction for any follow-up work that may be needed.
  • 6) Follow your intuition. Does the contractor make you feel confident about their services or do you feel uncertain? Does the pool builder give you a good feeling or does something not feel right? Pay attention to yourself when talking with companies and contractors and go with one that makes you feel confident about their ability to complete your project on schedule and budget.

The Bottom Line

One more thing to remember is that cheaper does not usually equate to quality when it comes to pool construction. Less expensive materials and labor costs can easily cause budgets and operating costs to explode due to many issues. In pool construction, spending a bit more for a pool builder that makes you confident in the project is well worth the cost.

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