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Understanding which popular shape best suits your overall pool design goals is of the utmost importance. Choosing your pool shape is an integral part of the initial design process. Some of the key factors we consider when determining the shape of your pool are the square footage and shape of your entire outdoor area where you plan on building the pool. It’s important to choose a form that compliments your existing space. Below you’ll find some of the common shapes that we use when designing a custom swimming pool.


Pool Shape Designs
Clarity Pool Service - Custom Swimming Pool Design Process

Small Child Swimming Underneath Water in Pool

Small Child Swimming Underneath Water in Pool

The heat here in the Las Vegas Valley is almost intolerable, and you’ve decided that it’s time to build that in-ground pool you’ve been considering for some time now. Well, Clarity Pool Service is here to help you design and construct the pool you’ve always imagined! This section of our site will prepare you for some of the options you’ll want to consider when building a custom in-ground swimming pool. The shapes below will help us you get a better idea of what we can do. The options below are a generalized sample; your swimming pool shape can be customized to fit your particular situation. Knowing what style of pool you want is a large part of the process.

Keep in mind that it’s always in your best interest to head any warnings from your pool design consultant especially when it comes to choosing a pool shape. Your consultant is a professional pool designer with multiple years of experience. Your Clarity Pool Service consultant will only recommend the ideal pool design for your outdoor environment. It’s usually a good idea to be open-minded during the initial consultation and custom swimming pool design process.

Concrete or Shotcrete (Clarity Pool Service uses Shotcrete in our process) swimming pools allow us the greatest flexibility as it pertains to the design & construction process. We’re able to create a truly unique pool design for your outdoor entertainment environment. From custom depths to overall form. Below you’ll find one of the first essential concepts you should start to consider when it comes to your potential pool shape and depth.

1. What size and depths make sense for my outdoor living area?