Custom Water Features are the difference between a static pool and all-around dynamic and tranquil environment. The gentle sound of flowing water creates a natural calming outdoor living space that your whole family will enjoy. This design element is one feature that you won’t want to be thrifty with when building a custom swimming pool. The water feature, no matter how simple it may be, will act as the centerpiece or centerpieces (if you opt to implement multiple water features). The water feature is that component that pulls all other design elements together into a cohesive aesthetic composition. In this section, we will do our best to cover the plethora of water feature design options that are available for your custom pool build.

Custom Rockscape Waterfall Feature - Clarity Pool Service of Southern Nevada

Pool Water Features Information

Rockscape waterfall features are an excellent way to bring a natural element to your outdoor living area environment.

Swimming Pool Waterfall Features

Waterfalls add a touch of all-natural to your swimming pool aesthetics, there’s nothing quite like the gentle and soothing sound of natural running water when relaxing next to the pool with a good read. Waterfall features are commonly a central part of a cohesive rockscape themed swimming pool design. Using a waterfall with a rockscape pool has widespread use, but the occasional waterfall accent feature can be installed as a standalone piece when built into a non-rockscape pool design. If executed correctly, the natural looking water feature can deliver an exciting contrast when added to the traditional pool design. Overall, you’ll receive plenty of audible and visible fulfillment from a custom waterfall feature should you choose to add it to a custom swimming pool by Clarity Pool Service.

Sheer Water Wall Custom Swimming Pool Design Option - Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada

Sheer Water Wall Features

Sheer water wall pool features can be customized with LED lighting to give it a whole new dimension of aesthetic.

Swimming Pool Sheer Water Walls | Sheer Decent Water Wall Swimming Pool Feature

Sheer decent water walls can give your custom swimming pool a sophisticated, modern edge, a look that will indeed make your poolscape memorable. Sheer water walls can be custom built to be as large or small as needed. The sheer water wall creates an unbroken arc of water that commonly outlets into your swimming pool.

When you add custom lighting effects to the sheer decent water wall feature, it creates an astonishing colored wall of your preferred hue. With Clarity Pool Service, we’re able to build water walls that will dazzle your friends and family. Give us a call today or schedule a consultation right here online to get started on your custom swimming pool project. We can’t wait to exceed your expectations.

Custom High-end Water Fountain Feature - Clarity Pool service of Las Vegas, Nevada

Fountain Water Features

Add a central focal point to your custom swimming pool with a water fountain. Selecting the right fountain is extremely important, you’ll want to make sure it compliments the overall design theme.

Swimming Pool Fountain Features

If you’re interested in adding a truly personalized touch to your custom swimming pool, we recommend adding a fountain feature. Pool fountains give your pool another dimension of customization, and you can achieve amazing results whether they’re installed as a detached feature or as an element that pours directly into your pool. There are numerous locations around the Las Vegas valley where you can obtain beautiful mass-produced fountains as well as many retailers that sell one-of-kind fountains. Correct placement of a fountain during the design process can make it that centralized element that makes your pool look more like a high-end piece of art, rather than a residential swimming pool.

Pentair Swimming Pool Deck Jet Sample

Deck Jets and Bubbler Features

Deck jets and bubblers can make watching your pool just as fun and enjoyable as swimming in it. Creativity and proper placement of these features can enhance the entertainment value of your swimming pool. As you can see in the photo above, you’re able to customize your deck jets with LED lighting to create water displays that are amazing

Swimming Pool Deck Jets and Bubblers

Deck jets and bubblers add a whimsical flair to your custom outdoor pool area, making your pool that much more enjoyable. Deck Jets will have your swimming pool performing more like a water show than a residential pool. As thick streams of water shoot out from their predesigned location/s, adding a colored lighting system will make the streams look like even more interesting.

Deck jets create a beautiful arc stream of water that seems to appear from the deck magically. They can be adjusted a full 360 degrees, and the projection can be adapted to produce as much as an 8-foot high arc. It’s a site to behold when multiple jets are running at the same time, especially when you add custom colors from a lighting system as we mentioned above.

As shimmering water quietly enters the pool with a gentle splash. The effects created by deck jets can be changed again and again allowing the pool owner to easily update the aesthetic functionality or add some additional effects for a special event.

A bubbler system consists of an air compressor that produces a specified volume of compressed air or PSI. The compressed air gets pushed through the plumbing system, as the air passes through the pool nozzle fittings, that’s where the bubble effect is created. The compressed air combined with the specialized bubbler nozzle is what produces the bubbling effect.

Custom Spillover Raised Spa Swimming Pool Design - Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada

Deck Jets and Bubbler Features

Spillover spas are a great way to integrate a waterfall effect into your custom swimming pool design. It also a great way to make the pool and spa look like a cohesive design. It’s sometimes better than having the traditional separate pool and spa when aesthetics are concerned.

Spillovers Spas and Hot Tubs

Spillover Spas or Raised Spa pool designs position the hot tub at a higher level grade than the pool. The spa has a water outlet section built-in that allows the excess water to flow down its edge back into the pool. Gravity naturally enables this waterfall effect to happen. The overflow edge from the spa to the pool can be constructed in many artistic ways using various material finishes. The water is continuously pumped back up to the in-ground spa level in a cyclical fashion.

Spillover Spas are an elegant way to integrate a custom running water feature into your custom swimming pools. As we mentioned above, there are almost limitless possibilities when it comes to the design execution of the overflow transition, giving your pool designers plenty of design maneuverability when it comes to the concept.

Perimeter-Overflow, Infinity Edge, or Vanishing Edge Custom Swimming Pool Water Feature - Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada

Deck Jets and Bubbler Features

The Perimeter-Overflow is an elegant and modern custom pool water feature that’s designed to give your pool a mirror-like finish or even make the pool look as though it goes on forever.

Vanishing Edge, Infinity Edge, Perimeter Overflow Water Features

Perimeter-Overflow, Infinity Edge, Knife Edge, Wet Edge, Vanishing Edge are just a few of the names this water feature is known by or used to reference. One thing is for sure, though; it’s an exquisite modern swimming pool construction technique. The options and ability to implement creative designs features are endless. Here at Clarity Pool Service, we love having the creative freedom to design swimming pool concepts that focus on the Perimeter-Overflow. From giving your swimming pool a mirror-like finish, to making it look like it connects to a larger body of water located below, it’s this type of innovation that keeps us designing & constructing custom swimming pools in the Southern Nevada area.