Here at Clarity Pool Service, we can appreciate an informed and knowledgeable client that’s ready to get involved in the process, especially when it concerns their custom swimming pool project. When you know what you want, the custom pool design process flows. Everything tends to go much smoother, and your experience will end up being far more efficient and enjoyable. In the 21st century, there’s no shortage of both functional and aesthetic features to add to your pool. From beautiful, tasteful finishes, breathtaking custom water & fire features, built-ins, recreational add-ons, water treatment systems, energy efficient components, pool heaters & pumps, as well as custom lighting systems. We’re here to cut through the fluff while helping you to understand where you’re able to penny pinch a bit with the budget, and where you’ll want to buy for premium performance.

The best advice we can start with is: “Just because it’s available to you, doesn’t mean you should add it to your custom swimming pool project.” Keep it simple with features and add-ons. Your wallet will thank you, and the swimming pool aesthetics will naturally shine through. A couple of well-placed water & fire features will compliment any custom pool environment.

Pool Water Features

Custom Built Scupper Water Fountain Feature - Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada

Swimming Pool Water Features can add a dynamic and aesthetically appealing element to your static pool. A water feature will break the silence as well, filling your outdoor living environment with the gentle flow of natural water. Explore the differing water feature options that are available to you.

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Pool Finishing Materials

Explore the plethora of beautiful finishing material options that are available for your custom swimming pool project.

Pool Lighting Systems

When it comes to lighting your pool, you’re able to choose from an entire collection of both pool and water feature lighting effects. Your choices here will determine what your swimming pool looks like at night. Get creative by implementing your favorite color scheme or why choose one when you can have a cyclical variation of all the colors. View some of the color lighting options available to you.

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Swimming Pool Built-Ins

Custom Built-In Swimming Pool Table Component - Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada

Pool Heaters & Pumps

Swimming Pool Pumps & Heaters - Clarity Pool Service of Southern Nevada

Pool Energy Efficient Products

Saltwater Chlorination Info

Pool Recreational Add-ons Options