When considering a Rockscape style pool, you’ll need to decide on whether to use real stone formations that occur naturally or what is known as “faux stone”. A Clarity Pool Service representative will happily discuss the stone options that are available to you.

The use of natural stone is always going to give you a more realistic visual aesthetic, which leads us to another important concept. Environmental factors or scenic elements should get considered; it will play a significant role in the believability of your Rockscape design. Your naturally occurring pool should meld with its overall surroundings.

In our case, the Southern Nevada landscape. You can’t go wrong using a desert color palette. Using a color scheme and rock formations that resemble a type of desert oasis is a great idea.

You can still be imaginative, adding naturally occurring waterfalls and vegetation to the surroundings will always reduce the risk of looking out of place in your backyard. A tropical style pool formation might seem strange here in the desert. You and your swimming pool design consultant will have to determine what will work for your particular environment, a tropical formation might look amazing in your residential or commercial property. If you would like to learn more about rockscape swimming pool design, visit our section that’s devoted to this artistic medium.

Rockscape Swimming Pool Design