Swimming Pool Design Style Classification

In this section of our website, we’ll showcase the various pool design styles or classifications that are available to you. We’ll explore both the aesthetic appeal and the differing functionality of modern swimming pool design. We’re confident that once you’re finished with this section, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the various pool construction style types.

Below you’ll find a swimming pool design classification. We’ve broken down each category to help our clients understand the pool design genre and what the style entails. Please keep in mind that we’re able to mix and match styles where we see fit when designing your pool, we’ve included this section as a simplification that will enable you to understand the differing aesthetics principals of each pool design type.

Custom Swimming Pool Design Concept

Traditional Swimming Pool Design

When we say “Traditional Swimming Pools,” we’re referring to any regular style pool that fits within the standard shape range. Traditional style pools aren’t defined by a unique design theme, per-say, and is usually built to match the existing residential or commercial environment. The classic or traditional pool is a “vanilla” style pool design, so they’re great for clients on a budget. It’s quite common for Clarity Pool Service to add-on features such as waterfalls, sheer water walls, fire pits, deck jets, bubblers, and other features that customize a traditional style of swimming pool design. The conventional swimming pool designs are tried and true, and there’s usually less risk when blending it into the existing properties environment.

Custom Rockscape Waterfall Feature - Clarity Pool Service of Southern Nevada

Rockscape Swimming Pool Design

When it concerns custom swimming pool design, natural stone, and faux stone are just another color or texture on the designer’s palette. When a homeowner or commercial property owner opts for an organic aesthetic pool concept or a natural swimming pool design, we implement rockscape. A properly executed Rockscape Pool Design will transform your outdoor living space into an exclusive, naturally formed pool or hide-a-way destination in nature. Well, at least that’s what your senses will perceive. Right up until the moment your neighbor’s dog Lucky starts to excessively bark. Read more about Rockscape Pool Design…

Custom Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Design

Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Design

The Infinity Edge swimming pool design is remarkable, and it’s a truly unique solution for any residential or commercial property. The Infinity Edge pool design is especially awe-inspiring when built into a hillside property. The infinity edge design can be further enhanced when constructed and positioned over a secondary body of water.

Zero Edge Custom Swimming Pool Design

Zero Edge Swimming Pool Design

If you want an ultra-smooth transition when getting into your custom swimming pool, the Zero Edge Swimming Pool is right for you. If you’ve never experienced a Zero Edge design, it’s comparable to walking into the beach, minus the sand between your toes. Water parks will commonly use Zero Edge design in kid-friendly sections of the park, especially when the overall depth of the entire pool is generally shallow. When implemented correctly, and the pool builder has the overall space to transition from dry land into the water, the integration of a Zero Edge design can work well as a defining feature of your outdoor living area pool. With limited space, it can still work, just not as intended. It’s supposed to resemble an almost beach-like entry point into your pool. It’s a great feature to integrate into a natural beach poolscape environment theme. Read more about Zero Edge Custom Pool Design.

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Tropical Swimming Pool Design

Tropical swimming pools are designed to mimic tropical lagoons. These pool shapes are unique and often add landscaping and rock/waterfall features to keep the tropical aesthetics of the design. Tropical swimming pools usually have beach style entry with a gradual slope to closely resemble a beach rather than the steep angle drop-offs from a typical swimming pool design. It is not unusual to have multi-colored pebble flooring to give the water light to dark appearances from the shallow end to the deep end.

Lap Style Swimming Pool Designs

Lap Swimming Pool Design

Lap swimming pools are typically built to accommodate single or multiple user swimming lanes. Lap pools are for exercise as well as competition style racing. The lap pool is usually rectangular, and they typically have distinct markings at the bottom of the pool that signify the individual lap lanes. These linear markings are known as lane guides, which help the swimmer to navigate while swimming. If they didn’t exist, encroaching on another swimmers lane would be commonplace, leading to potential collisions amongst swimmers. A “T” shaped mark, or some other unique markings let the swimmer know they reached the end of the swimming lane.


Plunge Swimming Pool Design

Plunge swimming pools are small, shallow pool structures that are designed for wading, soaking, and quick dips to cool off. These smaller pools are often used by atheletes to cool down after work outs. For properties that do not have big yards for installing a full size swimming pool, plunge pools can offer a perfect solution. Plunge pools will typically have choices of build materials and often decorated with rock formations, waterfalls, and other landscaping features./p>