Clarity Pool Service Swimming Pool Construction Process

When it comes to designing & constructing your residential or commercial swimming pool project, we believe that the more you understand about our pool building process, the more at ease you will be during the actual construction. As a disclaimer, please understand that a project such as a swimming pool addition is complicated, this is a simplified version of the actual process. The pool construction process gets planned out thoroughly, but as we all know, the reality of a project is dynamic — many factors considered on a per-project basis. Below you’ll find the 8 primary phases of a swimming pool construction project. We’ve included this section so that our clients can understand how our process works. If you ever have a problem, concern, or want to ask a question regarding your pool project, please direct your questions towards your swimming pool design consultant.

Swimming Pool Construction Phase 1 - Pool Design & Proposal

Phase 1: Swimming Pool Design & Proposal

This phase of the swimming pool construction process includes the initial meeting between all parties that will be involved with the construction. It’s not uncommon to have multiple specialists such as the General Contractor, Architect, Landscape Architect, etc. It’s also not necessary for all these 3rd party members to be there either, the owner of the property or a representative that is allowed to make decisions on your (residential or commercial property owners) behalf will suffice as well.

The initial meeting will is a combination of brainstorming and information gathering on our part, it will help us to understand what you want in your new swimming pool design. During this concept phase, we’ll also take a physical on-site survey of the area where the proposed pool construction will take place. We’ll analyze an interpret the lot dimensions, positioning, the location of all major utilities, accessibility, as well as anticipate any potential project problems. Our swimming pool design consultant will answer any questions you might have, as well as ask a few him or herself. After the exploratory meeting concludes, the pool specialist will schedule a date to have the base swimming pool structural design sent to you. The custom pool design will also include the initial cost analysis & proposal for the project.

If you already have a structural pool design provided by your architect, landscape architect, or a general contractor, no problem, we enjoy working with professionals & contractors within the industry. Clarity Pool Service is here to assist you in bringing your custom swimming pool to fruition.

Clarity Pool Service specializes in both the design and construction of high-end custom swimming pools, right here in Southern Nevada. When it comes to pool design, we have you covered! Whether you want an Infinity Edge or a traditional pool design, we’re here to bring you the swimming pool you’ve always imagined owning. Choose Clarity Pool Service for all your custom swimming pool needs.

Phase 2: Custom Swimming Pool Permit Approvals

Clarity Pool Service will obtain the proper permits required for the construction of your custom swimming pool & decking. There are situations in which variations in this process will occur. Who’s responsible for obtaining the permits and for what particular part of the project get determined on a per-project basis, and it’s usually dependent on the contractor hierarchy. In any case, Clarity Pool Service is a licensed contractor in the state of Nevada. We are specialty tradesman who engages in the custom design, fabrication, and installation of swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs. From concept to completion, we’re able to carry out contracting services within the specialty field of pool design & construction of up to $400,000 US dollars.

NV Contractor’s License A10 #0080815 | Bid Limit $400,000

Official Clark County Nevada – Swimming Pool/Spa, Water Feature Building Permit Guide

Part I. General Information

Most residential pool permits will be an over-the-counter review and permits are often obtained on the first visit.

Part II. Applicant’s Responsibility
  • Completed Residential Pool/Spa Permit Application (for the pool/spa itself and plumbing).
  • Completed Residential Pool/Spa Permit Application (for the electrical components, if required) to be applied for by the appropriate licensed C-2 electrical contractor.
  • Commercial Applications are required for non-residential pools/spas/water features.

NOTE: Only one (1) application is required if an owner/builder is applying for a residential pool/spa. Two (2)separate forms are required if requested by an A-10 licensed contractor (with a Clark County business license), or for all commercial pool/spa/water feature applications.

Part III. Applicable Codes
Currently adopted version: Southern Nevada Pool Code.

Part IV. Submittal Package
Prior to permit issuance, sanitation or septic approval is required

Part V. Plan Contents

Plot Plan which includes the following items:

  • North arrow
  • Location(s), type of material, and height of access barriers
  • Property lines and all known utility and/or other easements
  • Site drainage
  • Location and specifications of pool/spa/water feature equipment (including heating, circulating, filtering, and water-handling equipment)
  • Location and specifications of decking, pool stairs, steps, ladders, recessed treads, handrails/handholds, seats, and lighting
  • Location of all glazing within the prescribed distance from the pool deck area and how the glazing safety requirements will be resolved
  • Dimensions, materials, and method of construction
  • Wind sensors for water features
  • Area of pool/spa/water feature with property line setback
  • Area and width of deck
  • All existing structures on the same property or parcel within twenty feet of any portion of the proposed pool, spa, or water feature
  • Location and distance from any septic system components leach field, and lines

Structural plan*** prepared by a Nevada registered professional civil or structural engineer,which includes: (All sets must be stamped and signed by the registered engineer.)

  • Soil bearing capacity and fill characteristics.
  • Reinforcing steel placement, steel diameter, steel specifications, and steel strength.
  • Concrete specifications and strength.

If pool/spa is pre-manufactured, provide make, model number, and manufacturer’s installation instructions. Provide an Evaluation Services approval # for pools and IAPMO # for spas.


View More & Download – Construction Permit Info PDF
Phase 3 of Custom Swimming Pool Construction Process - Layout & Excavation

Phase 3: Custom Swimming Pool Layout and Excavation

Once you or your authorized representative have approved the swimming pool plans, the permits have been obtained; we’re ready to start the actual construction process. In this phase, we focus on the layout of the pool as well as grade.

Grading in civil engineering and landscape architectural construction is the work of ensuring a level base, or one with a specified slope,[1] for construction work such as a foundation, the base course for a road or a pool, or landscape and garden improvements, or surface drainage. The earthworks created for such a purpose are often called the sub-grade or finished contouring (see diagram).

After we’ve achieved proper grade for the area designated for your swimming pool, we can then start the overall layout of the pool design. Once done with the layout, we’ll begin setting the form boards. The form boards we set and use during the swimming pool construction process will form the mold that contains the concrete, both the existing earth and the form boards are combined to create the shape of your pool. Form setting and layout is handled with the utmost care because it ultimately defines the shape of your pool.

If you would like to learn more about the products we use in during form setting, view our form product information page.

Mortex Form Information

Once the forms are set and in place, we’ll start the excavation process. We generally use various heavy equipment for significant earth removal. We’ll sometimes use a smaller skid-steer front end loader to trim back, or more often we use the traditional hand shovel for precision excavating around the wall perimeter of the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Construction Phase 4 - Structural Steel, Stub Out, Gunite Application

Phase 4: Custom Swimming Pool Structural Steel, Stub Out, Gunite Application

Steel Rebar & Stub-Out

After the layout, excavation, and form setting, we’ll begin to reinforce the overall shell structure of the swimming pool shape with Grade 60 #3 steel rebar. At Clarity Pool Service we like ensuring that our custom swimming pools are built with the strength to withstand just about anything, that’s why we do layout the rebar in our pools just a little different than the competition. The Clarity way of laying out rebar consists of vertical and horizontal steel bars getting placed 6″ on center the entire length of the pool, in the traditional lattice pattern. The lattice steel rebar pattern helps to reinforce the concrete that gets poured for the inner shell structure of the pool. The inner shell will bear a massive amount of weight once filled with water. Unlike the industry standard, which calls to place the rebar 8″ on center up to a depth of 5′, the standard is that any time the depth exceeds 5′, the vertical and horizontal steel bars are placed 6″ on center. At Clarity Pool Service we run 6″ on center no matter what depth. This type of added effort that goes into reinforcing the swimming pool beyond the industry standard is just our way of doing things. It might cost us a little more, but it’s worth adding the strength and reinforcement to the concrete inner pool shell. That’s the Clarity Pool Service difference! Better safe, than sorry!

Once the steel rebar shell is in proper reinforced positioning, we start what’s called the “stub-out” process, or also known as rough plumbing. The stub-out is done immediately after the rebar gets installed and is the underlying plumbing for skimmers, main drains, light niches, return line “stubs,” and the pre-plumbing for the spa or hot tub area.

Gunite Application
Swimming Pool Construction Phase 5 - Tile and Coping Installation

Phase 5: Custom Swimming Pool Tile and Coping

The next phase in the process is integrating your new swimming pool’s waterline tile & coping. The waterline area of your pool receives a specific kind of high-glazed, weather resistant type of waterline tile that is hand-laid and carefully grouted by a professional tile setter experienced within the pool trade. The coping is hand laid and grouted on the “Beam” also known as the “wall top.”

The time it takes for the waterline tile and coping to be securely set by our master tile setters will vary depending on the size of the project. The objective for this phase, once completed, is that you will have an extremely durable, non-porous surface that is built for longevity, able to stand up to the most robust use imaginable. The waterline and coping will take the brunt of heavy use where wear & tear is concerned. When finished, you’ll have a stylish and damage resistant product that will last you for many years to come.

During this phase, if you opted to include some additional aesthetic features such as rockscape accents, rockscape waterfalls, or any other type of natural stone/rock features, our poolscape architectural specialists will meticulously install the features you decided to include per the approved design specifications. Once this phase is complete, our crew will start to hook-up the swimming pool plumbing, electrical, gas and equipment installation.

Swimming Pool Construction Process Phase 6 - Pool Plumbing, Electrical, Gas and Equipment Installation

Phase 6: Custom Swimming Pool Plumbing, Electrical, Gas and Equipment Installation

When it concerns your custom swimming pool construction, the plumbing is unique to your particular design. The pipelines are designed to run and function optimally for your pool circulation and filtration systems. For you to have a beautiful and easy to maintain pool setup, the plumbing has to be correct. Our swimming pool design specialist or swimming pool design engineers perform hydraulic calculations that ensure all the equipment and plumbing lines are appropriately sized and achieve the most efficient levels possible. We take into consideration many factors when designing your residential or commercial swimming pool, all while placing a heavy emphasis on water clarity and energy conservation through the most efficient engineering practices.

Our professional equipment installers will arrive soon after the plumbing gets finished. Our experienced plumbers will plumb in all the filtration equipment necessary for your swimming pool, including the specialized equipment for any water feature add-ons and any other features you might have opted for during the designing of your custom swimming pool project. After the physical installation of the pool equipment, our electricians and plumbers will fulfill their role by installing any electrical conduits for all your power needs as well as the additional breaker box specially designed for your pool. Gas lines to the pool heater or heaters are completed at this time as well, running the gas pipelines from the source to the heating equipment. These tasks get performed by a licensed electrician/utility specialist within the industry.

Swimming Pool Construction Process Phase 7 - Deck Layout

Phase 7: Custom Swimming Pool Deck Layout

During the deck pouring and finishing stage of our process, we make sure that any brick or stonework gets set before the concrete gets poured and finished, this phase is dependent on the material options you selected during the swimming pool design process. Your swimming pool deck is designed to integrate into the overall design theme of your project. Typically, the deck coping located at the pool edge was carried out during the waterline tile and coping installation phase, these steps can be switched and performed at different times from project to project. It is a variable process and will depend on your unique project. The deck coping is usually achieved using a type of rounded cantilever form, which lends to the comfort and safety of the design.

When pouring either a decorative stamped concrete or traditional concrete deck, our preparation consists of reinforcing it with steel rebar placed at eighteen inches on center. Once the swimming pool deck preparation is complete, we start the concrete deck pour, which gets poured at a minimum depth of four inches. After the concrete deck is finished, we’ll then begin the clean-up phase of your custom swimming pool project. At this point, we’re only a step away from project completion. Next, we apply your selected swimming pool interior finish.

Swimming Pool Construction Process Phase 8 - Pool Finishing Material Application

Phase 8: Custom Swimming Pool Pool Finishing Material Application

The last phase of our custom swimming pool construction consists of the application of your selected pool finish. This process will heavily lend to the overall aesthetic of your backyard environment. The reason why your choice in pool finish is so important is that the finish will determine the actual hue of the water. In an effort to simplify this concept, your pool finish will determine what the natural color of your swimming pool water will be. If you’ve ever compared or observed different swimming pool water, and you noticed that they have varying hues of green, blue, or any other colors, you were witnessing the pool owners selection of finishing material.

It’s important to keep your selection of finish in mind during the design phase, the color of the water within your pool can have a dramatic effect on the overall aesthetic of your new swimming pool environment. Also, it’s vital to understand that the interior coating of your swimming pool finish will always tend to darken with time. Your swimming pool water casts an ambient glow that will cover your entire outdoor living area. In other words, do not take your swimming pool finish selection lightly. In can make or break your custom swimming pool project aesthetic theme. It can even alter the ambient temperature of your swimming pool water, especially in a sweltering hot climate like the one we live in here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

To learn more about swimming pool finish options, as well as understand a few of the vital concepts you should take into consideration before making a choice, view our swimming pool finishing section for additional details.

Once we’ve completed the interior swimming pool finish application, it’s smooth sailing from here. Before you know it, you’ll be relaxing in your very own custom swimming pool by Clarity Pool Service of Southern Nevada!

Please help to share our swimming pool design process with your friends & family via social media. Who knows, they might finally build a swimming pool of their own, which will stop them from using yours so much (just kidding, kind of). We appreciate your support of Clarity Pool Service and hope you found this article both informative and educational.

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