Summit Club Custom Infinity Edge Swimming Pool

Complete Perimeter-Overflow with Infinity Edge Optimized

Complete Perimeter-Overflow with Infinity Edge Optimized

This custom pool build was designed & constructed by Clarity Pool Service of Southern Nevada, and it turned out exactly as we intended. Located inside the high-end Summit Club community next to The Ridges, and the custom home features a marvelous view of the Summit Club private golf course. We aspired to create an outdoor swimming pool area that not only complemented the home but accentuated it. We hit the mark on this one, giving this custom home a beautiful contemporary style swimming pool that truly makes use of the existing environment. The home’s rear and primary backyard area face South, and the house is positioned perfectly at one of the highest points within the Summit Club community. It’s safe to say that the home was built with intention.

As you can see from the project portfolio, we’ve included a photo gallery below for your viewing pleasure. The custom home overlooks the Summit Club private golf course, and the course even has multiple water ponds or water hazards placed in various areas below the home and constructed on a higher grade to allow the homeowner to have an epic overlook of the golf course.

Perimeter-Overflow Water Feature

Swimming Pool Perimeter-Overflow Technical Specifications Graphic

Swimming Pool Perimeter-Overflow Technical Specifications

We designed the custom pool to take advantage of this awe-inspiring view of the golf course. We designed and constructed the swimming pool with an infinity edge feature that utilizes the amazing scenery and view of the golf course. We opted to use a perimeter-overflow construction technique that compliments the infinity edge as well. The Perimeter-Overflow spans throughout the entire swimming pool perimeter, giving it the mirror-like effect when viewed from the interior of the home.

Shallow Connecting Water Channel Water Feature

Shallow Swimming Pool Perimeter-Overflow Water Connecting Channel Technical Cut-Away Graphic

Shallow Swimming Pool Perimeter-Overflow Water Connecting Channel Technical Cut-Away Graphic

You can see in the pool project gallery we’ve included that there are two pool areas. The primary pool area boasts the Infinity Edge water feature, with a deck below. There’s a secondary pool area located within the courtyard, and the courtyard centrally built as a focal point within the home, with massive windows designed to allow sight of the courtyard area wherever you’re at within the home. The courtyard pool fitted with two separate custom fire features. The largest of the two fire features being built-in and runs along the entire East perimeter wall of the courtyard, while the other is a freestanding fire feature used as a centralized feature that their guest can congregate around after getting out of the pool. The custom shallow water channel connects the courtyard pool with the primary poolscape, which adds both functional and aesthetic value to the project. Even the shallow water channel boasts the same vanishing edge water feature as the rest of the pool’s perimeter-overflow.

When it’s said and done, another astonishing custom designed and constructed swimming pool by Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’re interested in learning more about your local premiere custom pool builder, give Clarity Pool Service a call today to schedule a free on-site consultation!

Before Photo Gallery

Below we’ve included the “before” photo gallery for you to browse as well. This swimming pool had a lot of technical specifications to consider. While most modern pools usually only implement one of the two water features, we wanted to give this custom pool build a truly unique aesthetic theme. That’s why we decided to use both the Infinity Edge feature combined with the Perimeter-Overflow design concept. We were confident that this would turn out as expected, and we must say that this pool build exceeded our every expectation! If you’re interested in learning more about Clarity Pool Service custom swimming pools, give us a call anytime to schedule your on-site design consultation.

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