Step Above the Rest – Modern Swimming Pool Design

This magnificent modern custom swimming pool design by Clarity Pool Service is simply a step above the rest regarding modernity. The choice of natural Limestone as both the finish and as the pool deck gives it an ultra-clean aesthetic. We’ve included a complete photo gallery of the project for visitors to view. You’ll be able to see this modern style swimming pool design in all it’s elegance.

The beautiful natural-wood used to build the raised patio deck is gorgeous. The deck sits a few feet above the pool’s waterline, which is perfect for keeping an eye on the kids while they enjoy a swim. The wooden deck was constructed at the far side of the pool, and we gave the homeowners two ways to reach it. One of those ways comes in the form of floating step-stones, using the same Limestone as the pool deck and a few other elements around the pool area. Located directly above the floating step-stones is a raised planter, also finished with Limestone. The planter is raised even higher than the patio deck with no easy way to access it, which is nice. You don’t want the kids throwing dirt in the pool, right!

Traditional Pool Shape, Modern Swimming Pool Design

The pool itself is traditionally simplistic as far as the shape is concerned. It does have a few modern design features to showcase. The first is the spa area that looks as though it’s part of the pool. Look close, and you’ll see the square spa area divider wall just barely jutting up over the swimming pool waterline. Next to the spa, you’ll see a shallow ledge designed for wet lounging on our hot summer days. A great example of modern swimming pool design and construction!

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