Skyview Custom Pool Project

Skyview Custom Swimming Pool Design & Construction

The Ultimate Custom Water Wall and Fire and Water Features - Custom Swimming Pool by Clarity Pool Service of Southern, Nevada

The Ultimate Custom Water Wall and Fire and Water Features – Custom Swimming Pool by Clarity Pool Service of Southern, Nevada

Clarity Pool Service of Southern, Nevada recently finished up on the Skyview project, which is a beautifully designed and constructed custom swimming pool project. We must say that it turned out how we anticipated. From concept to completion, this pool isn’t massive, but for what it lacks in size, it makes up for elegantly designed custom features. It has a gorgeous modern water wall feature. Two opposing fire bowls or scuppers flank the water wall on each side, and two tiled columns support these beautiful fire features. The complete pool resembles a sort of “T” shape. We introduced multiple floating-steppers into the design to enable the homeowners an easy way to cross the pool; the steppers add a gorgeous visual aesthetic that is seen from the interior of the home. Check out the photo gallery to see the details of this beautiful custom pool that was designed and constructed by Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada. Let us know what you think.

It’s never too early to start designing and building your custom pool! If you want to enjoy a brand new pool this Summer, give Clarity Pool Service a call today to schedule an on-site design consultation. Check out the latest custom swimming pool project we recently completed. View some of our other custom swimming pool projects here at our official project portfolio.

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Clarity Pool Service Cleaning & Maintenance Services of Southern Nevada

Clarity Pool Service Cleaning & Maintenance Services of Southern Nevada

Clarity designs and constructs modern swimming pools, we also provide high-quality maintenance and water treatment services. If you already own a swimming pool and you’re tired of maintaining year-round, give Clarity Pool Service a call today. We’ll keep your pool looking and functioning as it should. With Clarity Pool Service, you can focus on enjoying your swimming pool, and you can leave the maintenance to us!

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Whether you're exploring the idea of building a custom swimming pool, or you would like us to maintain your existing one. Clarity Pool Services has you covered! We specialize in custom pool design & construction as well as every maintenance service in between, and after pool construction. We're avid supporters of being water smart here in the Las Vegas, Valley, offering "no-drain" eco-friendly water treatments that restore the quality of your swimming pool water without having to drain, refill, and re-introduce traditional pool treatment chemicals. We have a better solution known as the PuriPool Water Treatment Process. We also offer pool restoration and our bead blasting service that will eliminate unsightly calcium scale and other hard water remnants. Schedule a consultation today with Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada!

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View some of the additional swimming pool design configurations that are available to you when you choose Clarity Pool Service to design and build your custom pool project, below you'll find just a few of the base swimming pool design configurations we offer. Please keep in mind that these samples are simply a starting point, we're able to design and build just about any swimming pool shape you can imagine. If you can dream it, we can construct it here at Clarity Pool Service of Southern Nevada.

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Services - Las Vegas, Nevada

Ask us about our customized, regularly scheduled swimming pool maintenance, bead blasting, and water treatment services we offer at Clarity Pool Service. When it comes to pools, Clarity is a step above the rest. Let Clarity take care of the regular maintenance and upkeep on your residential or commercial swimming pool. When you use Clarity Pool Service, the only time you'll think about your pool is when you're taking a plunge to into it. We'll develop specific maintenance and cleaning schedule that is convenient and meets your pools individual maintenance needs.