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Dissolved Solid Particles

Previously, when certain swimming pool chemical levels and dissolved solids reached a certain point, the only option you use to have was to drain your pool water. Local water-waste ordinances and some water providers’ service rules prohibit discharging pool water to the street or storm drain. Pool water must be drained directly to the sanitary sewer system, which allows the water to be recycled and reused. We understand that discharging your pool can be a monumental task if you adhere to local water ordinances (which we always recommend). Now, with our revolutionary mobile purification unit, you can be a water-smart hero by recycling your pool water. At Clarity Pool Service, we utilize reverse osmosis to bring your old swimming pool water back to nearly drinking water quality! Never drain your pool again thanks to Puripool™! The Puripool™ Water Treatment Service is offered almost exclusively by Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas locals love to swim during the Summer high heat waves we experience. There’s no denying that our swimming pools are one of the significant ways that our City inhabitants manage to beat the heat every year! Clarity Pool Service of Southern Nevada always encourages our customers to act in a water-smart manner. Water conservation is a serious concern of ours; it should be for everyone that hangs their hat here in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada.

Don’t Drain Your Swimming Pool – Clarity Pool Service’s Water-Smart Purification System Can Quickly Renew Your Water Quality!


Clarity Pool Service Mobile Water Recycling Unit

Our PuriPool™ process is a custom designed solution specific for pools and is the ONLY way to remove dissolved solids from your water without draining. There is no longer a need to waste tens of thousands of gallons of water draining your pool to refill to it with tap water. In many cases, depending on your location, we can purify your pool water to a higher quality than the fresh water coming from your hose!

Puripool™ not only saves you the expense of renting a pump to drain your pool and the cost of water to refill, but it also reduces the volume of chemicals required to maintain your pool, which reduces your maintenance costs. Add that to the fact that you are providing the cleanest water possible for you and your family while at the same time making an environmentally friendly choice!

Clarity Pool Service is an advocate for water-smart swimming pool & spa usage. A properly managed pool or spa can be an appropriate use of water. The Puripool™ Clarity Pool Water Purification System is a solution that is by far the most water-smart and proper method of treating used pool water. Don’t drain your pool water, renew it with Clarity Pool Service. Water resources in the Valley are finite, treat it as such. Give Clarity Pool Service a call today for more information, join us in the effort to be water savvy.

Exposed and Uncovered Swimming Pool Water-Smart Tips

Even a moderately sized swimming pool in the valley can hold roughly 12,000 to 20,000 gallons of water. With water being such a limited resource and becoming scarcer each year, the amount of evaporation has become a concern for many residents in the Southern Nevada area. In between your Clarity Pool Water Treatment Service, you can be even more water-smart and savvy by covering your pool when not in use. Further helping our City to save our precious water resources.