Top Reasons to Renovate Your Pool:

*Cracked, chipped, broken plaster/concrete
*Outdated appearance
*Lacks energy efficient pump and filter system
*Lacks modern safety features like an extended shallow end and enclosed fence
*Design not suitable for the desired use
*Needs frequent repair

Pool construction materials:

Gunite – rebar and sprayed concrete/sand. A popular choice because of color options, durability, and ability to embed tile, beads, glass and other materials. Typically less expensive than Shotcrete. Skilled labor required due to the water/dry mix ratio that must be maintained during application.

Shotcrete – similar to Gunite with the exception of being mixed with water while in the truck and the pre-mixed material is sprayed out from a hose. Some skilled labor required, however, it is easier to apply due to being premixed in the truck.

Fiberglass – Molded shapes are easier and faster to install, does not require resurfacing or liner replacement. Can have fiber optic lighting and other features built into the fiberglass mold.

Vinyl – Vinyl liners typically lock under the pool deck and cover 3’x8′ panels of galvanized steel or thermoplastic. Less expensive than fiberglass or Gunite pools.