Pool Cleaning and Maintenance
Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada

Our Services

Full Service

By far our most popular service. Customized to meet the needs of your pool, we can schedule anything from weekly visits to daily visits and anything in between. Full service includes tile and wall brushing, skimming, vacuuming as needed, emptying baskets/traps, surface skimming, filter cleaning as required, water chemistry balancing and regular system inspection. Learn more..


We are fully licensed by SNHD to maintain all commercials pools. In addition to regular maintenance services, we also offer third-party compliance inspections to help keep in-house staff on track and avoid surprises from the health department.

Chemical-only Service

Perfect for pools that virtually take care of themselves. We adjust and maintain your PH, alkalinity and sanitization levels to keep your water chemistry in check. We provide the necessary chemicals, so there is no need for you to store hazardous chemicals at home.

Water Purification Treatment

Previously, when certain chemical levels and dissolved solids reached a certain point, the only option you had was to drain your pool. Now, with our revolutionary mobile purification unit, we can recycle your pool water and bring it to near drinking water quality! Learn more here.

Chlorine Bath

If algae has taken over your pool and it is no longer responsive to chemicals, then a chlorine bath is the answer. We can take your pool from green to clean!

Acid Washing

If your pool surface has unsightly stains, acid washing may be the best solution. By using the right mix of acidic chemicals, we can remove most stains and reveal a fresh, clean surface.

Filter Cleaning

Offered specifically for the Do-It-Yourself pool owner. Cleaning your filters can be the most difficult, dangerous and time-consuming maintenance task. We now have slots available on our filter rotation where we come out at fixed intervals and clean your filters for you. Feel free to take advantage of having a tech there to ask any regular maintenance questions too!