Custom Built Perimeter-Overflow or Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Design by Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada

In the Know about Perimeter-Overflow Custom Swimming Pools

Getting to Know the Custom Perimeter-Overflow Swimming Pool Design Concept A Perimeter-Overflow, also known as Knife-Edge swimming pool design, is an elegant way to modernize your outdoor living area. This pool design method should only get implemented by a skilled and experienced pool design and construction professionals. The Perimeter-Overflow incorporates the infinity edge design concept… Read more »

Bead Blasting Services Restore the Beauty of You Pool - Clarity Pool Service

Las Vegas Custom Swimming Pool Design Contractor

If you’ve been considering a custom swimming pool, there’s no better time to build than right now! That is if you want to be swimming by the time our Las Vegas heat rolls in this Summer. If this is your first or thirty-first Summer in Southern Nevada, believe us when we say that a swimming… Read more »

Traditional Pebble Tec Featured

Traditional Pebble Tec Swimming Pool Finishes

Pebble Technology or better known as Pebble Tec is the leader within the custom swimming pool design and contracting industry. Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada, uses the finishes you want in your swimming pool design. We created this infographic as the first part of a series on pool finishes. This infographic will allow… Read more »

Rise of the Pool Robots

When it comes to pool cleaning, Robotic Pool Cleaners can’t be beaten! Program it once, plug it in, and put it in the pool. Come back a few hours later to a sparkling pool. Robotic Pool Cleaners are a powerful and helpful part of maintaining a clean and hygienic pool. These Robotic Pool Cleaners need… Read more »

Prepare for Pool Season Ending

As the Fall evenings in Las Vegas continue to cool, it’s time to prepare your pool for the off-season. Here are a few tips to get you through the winter. PREVENT FREEZE DAMAGE While we have generally mild winters, it can occasionally get below freezing at night. The coldest daytime low was 8 degrees in… Read more »

5 Interesting Pool Facts

We all love to relax and spend time with our loved ones by the pool. If you read one of our previous articles you would know that swimming is actually a fantastic cardiovascular exercise. However there is more to swimming pools than meet the eye. Which is why were excited to offer another 5 interesting… Read more »

4 fun swimming pool facts

Over 10.4 million home swimming pools If you also include the 309,000 public swimming pools, that puts a pool for every 31 people in the United States of America. Imagine how many swimming pools there are worldwide, we will be happy to provide that figure once there is a credible source on that information. For… Read more »