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5 Interesting Pool Facts

We all love to relax and spend time with our loved ones by the pool. If you read one of our previous articles you would know that swimming is actually a fantastic cardiovascular exercise. However there is more to swimming pools than meet the eye. Which is why were excited to offer another 5 interesting facts about swimming pools!

Pool Water is no Different than Tap Water

A select minority of the population likes to state that pools are filled with chemicals, but the honest truth is that there isn’t anything in pool water that cannot also be found in your regular tap water. In fact, most tap water actually contains more chlorine than you will find in your pool. Most pool water is filtered daily and thus more likely to be even safer to drink than your tap water!

The Largest Residential Pool is in Texas

Everything is bigger Texas! Including private pools, south of Houston Texas is the home of the largest Residential Pool. This swimming pool is over 3 acres in size and takes over 600,000 gallons of water to fill! This pool is much more than just a giant swimming pool, it also features a 500-foot lazy rive and 6 waterfalls! Mike Mobley the owner and mastermind behind this amazing swimming pool is asking over 5 million dollars for the property.

The White House Built its First Pool in 1975

We can thank President Gerald Ford for installing the White House’s first ever above ground pool in the lawn of the white house. This pool isn’t like most residential pools as it features a tunnel passage which allows the first family access to and from the pool without being disturbed by paparazzi or anyone else that would interrupt their fun in the sun!

The humble pool filter is 109 years old

Thanks to this amazing innovation in swimming pool technology a pool’s water doesn’t have to be replaced. Water savings that are direct result of this amazing innovation cannot be measured! Shortly following this incredible break through was the common use of chlorine in swimming pools, providing even greater sustainability for swimming pool water. Were it not for these incredible breakthroughs we would all be replacing the water in our pools with every use!

Swimming is a formidable form of Cardio

If you minimize breaks you can easily burn more than 850 calories per hour while swimming! If your a runner like me you will know that even the most rigorous hour of running will be lucky to burn over 600 calories. The reason swimming is such a powerful form of cardio is that it utilizes every muscle in the body. It may not seem like it but staying afloat and driving your body through the water demands that every muscle in your body work in unison to reach this common goal! For more information regarding the benefits of swimming pool cardio check out our article on this subject!

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