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4 fun swimming pool facts

Over 10.4 million home swimming pools

If you also include the 309,000 public swimming pools, that puts a pool for every 31 people in the United States of America. Imagine how many swimming pools there are worldwide, we will be happy to provide that figure once there is a credible source on that information. For now, its fun to picture just how many swimming pools there are.

Chile is home to the Largest Swimming Pool

Located in the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarroba, Chile the world’s largest swimming pool proudly a record holder of the Guinness book of world record. This massive pool has a total area of over 19 acres! Meaning this pool can hold over 65 million gallons of water! Truly an impressive accomplishment and one I cannot wait to visit!

Kill Bacteria with the power of Chlorine

In just under a single minute chlorine is capable of killing the bacteria known as e-coli! However, it shouldn’t be your only defense against water-born bacteria as it cannot kill all germs. Viruses and parasites can take as long as two weeks to be destroyed by chlorine. Adhere to proper pool maintenance that includes checking chlorine and ph levels at all times.

50% of Americans cannot swim

The Red Cross has reported the results of a National survey that more than 50% of Americans cannot either swim or preform basic water competency skills. Pool safety and basic water competency is an important life skill that is best taught early when pool safety is at it’s biggest risk. Enrolling young children in swim lessons is an absolute must for anyone who owns a residential pool.

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