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Custom Swimming Pool Construction
Pool Design & Construction Services

There are many factors to consider when planning a new pool construction project such as climate, environment, and pool usage frequency. Careful planning in the early stages of a new pool construction will help avoid costly issues later. Always consult professional assistance to ensure the best project result.

Eco-Friendly Pool Water Treatment
Don't Drain Your Pool, PuriPool It!

Clarity's PuriPool process is not only a replacement to draining your pool, but it is also a superior solution. If you consider how hard our water is here in Las Vegas, the 'fresh' water you put in your pool isn’t all that fresh. While draining your pool and refilling it is an improvement over the old water, our PuriPool process can get hardness levels even lower than ‘fresh’ water from the tap! So ask yourself, how clean is your water?

De-calcify & Clean Your Swimming Pool
De-calcify & Clean Your Swimming Pool

Southern Nevada is well-known for its hard water. Over time calcium, minerals and other impurities within the water tend to build up, both on and around your swimming pools decorative finish. It can greatly reduce the appeal of any custom swimming pool. When it comes time to remove this unsightly buildup, our tile cleaning process (Clarity Pool Bead Blasting Service) is second to none in terms of both speed and overall quality of finish. Best of all, we can do it without completely draining the water.

Build Your Dream Swimming Pool
Call Clarity Pool Service Today!

At Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, we pride ourselves on designing and constructing beautiful custom swimming pools. So, when it comes to custom features for your swimming pool, we have you covered! It's essential that you select a pool feature or set of features that accentuate as well as complement the overall aesthetic design of the pool. The adage "Sometimes less is more" has never been more accurate.

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Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas
Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada

Welcome to the Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada official website! Our company specializes in high-end custom swimming pool design & construction, swimming pool bead blasting, refinishing, scheduled monthly cleaning & maintenance, as well as a provider of PuriPool Eco-Friendly Water Treatment services. When it concerns swimming pools, you have a friendly expert within the industry!

New Swimming Pool & Construction Services

We are here to help you realize your dream of owning a swimming pool. From concept to completion, we’ll help you turn your ordinary backyard into an extraordinary outdoor entertainment environment. Our company works closely with you, your general contractor, and or architect to build a swimming pool that all your neighbors will talk about, we invite you to explore our “new pool pool renovation” sections of our site to familiarize yourself with our process.

Catch up with our latest News here

Catch up with our latest News here

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