Bead Blasting
Clarity Pool Service of Las Vegas, Nevada

Our proprietary tile cleaning system or Bead Blasting Service can clean any unsightly calcium and mineral deposit build-up that forms around your pool. For premium results, we combine our Clarity Pool Service Bead Blasting with our PuriPool process. Our PuriPool eco-friendly water treatment will help to reduce any further scale build-up from forming around your swimming pool tile. Clarity Pool Service PuriPool water treatment helps to keep your swimming pool clean long after the initial bead blasting service.

The Clarity Pool Service “Bead Blasting Process” – our process uses compressed air to spray micro-size glass beads at high-velocity. The spray will remove calcium scale, hard water deposits, and any other minerals that collect around your swimming pools water line. The proprietary glass bead is not as hard as a sand grain, and therefore less damaging to the surface during the bead blasting process. Typically, the glass beads are collected from the bottom of the pool with a vacuum and dried out for later reuse. The bead blast cleaning guarantees a certain level of cleanliness and restoration to your swimming pool. Calcium scale and hard water deposit build-up are by far one the most common problems in the local Las Vegas area.

Understanding Swimming Pool Scale, Hard Water & Mineral Deposits

Southern Nevada is well-known for its hard water. Over time calcium, minerals and other impurities within the water tend to build up, both on and around your swimming pools decorative finish. It can significantly reduce the appeal of any custom swimming pool. When it comes time to remove this unsightly buildup, our tile cleaning process (Clarity Pool Bead Blasting Service) is second to none concerning both speed and overall quality of finish. The best part, we can do it without completely draining the water within your pool, Clarity Pool Service understands the importance of being water smart. We’ll have your swimming pool looking as if it was just refinished.



After Cleaning Scale Deposits from Swimming Pool Waterline - Clarity Pool Service Bead Blasting ServiceBefore Cleaning Scale Deposits from Swimming Pool Waterline - Clarity Pool Service Bead Blasting Service

Calcium Scale & Hard-Water Deposits – are a typical indicator of hard water. Hard water is common to our Southern Nevada region and is a quality of water which contains dissolved compounds of calcium and magnesium and, sometimes, other divalent and trivalent metallic elements. The hardness is usually expressed in grains per gallon (or ppm) as calcium carbonate equivalent. Dissolved calcium and magnesium salts are the primary elements responsible for scale accumulation around swimming pools. Hardness is usually expressed in grains per gallon (or ppm) as calcium carbonate equivalent.

If you’re interested in having Clarity Pool Service restore your swimming pool to its former glory, give us a call today to schedule a time for us to come out! As you can see from the “Before” and “After” photo comparisons, there is still hope for you calcified pool. We can’t wait to show you why we’re a leader within custom pool construction and maintenance industry.

Clarity Pool Service - Before Bead Blast Swimming Pool CleanerClarity Pool Service - After Bead Blast Swimming Pool Cleaner

It’s common for scale deposits to form along the waterline of your swimming pool. The scale is usually caused by either high pH, high alkalinity, or a high calcium concentration. Another cause for this annoying build-up is constant temperature change along with rapid evaporation. The scale deposits can wreak havoc on the aesthetic appeal of your swimming pool, making it appear unkempt and grimy. We understand that it’s not your fault, but more importantly, we understand how to rid you of this problem. Clarity Pool Service of Southern Nevada is your scale deposit expert. Our Bead Blasting Service will raise your pool back up to standard. We’ll also help you keep the grime and build-up away through regular maintenance.